In The Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater Rhodes

Risika is a three hundred year old vampire who is not surprised by much these days.  She sleeps in Concord Massachusetts by day and stalks her prey in New York City by night and for the most part she lives her life free from the normalcies of life.  And then one night she returns to find a single black rose on her pillow, the same kind of flower that was given to her on the eve of her death as a human.  Risika knows who it was from the and sight of that single flowers brings her back to her past, back when she was still a mortal being.  She knows the flowers is a taunt from her nemesis Aubrey and she will do anything to seek her revenge.

I originally read this book back in high school.  I’d heard about the author, Amelia Atwater Rhodes, after she was on a talk show.  This book was so special because she was only 14 years old when the book was published, so I have to give her props for that.  And I do remember really liking it in high school.  However, I don’t know if it’s all the other vampire books I’ve read since high school or if it’s just because I’m older but this book bored me.  I was bored.  The characters were incredibly two dimensional for me and I didn’t care at all for the storyline.  It’s sad when a book you remembered liking the first time around totally falls flat the second time.  Not a recommendation.  Sorry.


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    That is crazy, she was just 14! But true (sad but true) – that we sometimes do outgrow books. I see also your NaNo meter is doing well 😉 (Btw, I can *finally* follow you! Thx to my computer doctor :))

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    wow 14 and published a book? that is impressive. and yeah not sure what the vampire fad is lately, vampire costumes were so uncool and clique before twilight now this year so many people were vamps…

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    You're kicking butt-9464 words?! Awesome!

    As for In the Forests of the Night, I'm impressed that she was published at such a very young age, but not surprised that you didn't love the book like you did when you were younger. You've both grown a lot since, and I bet she doesn't like the book so much these days either!

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    It's pretty cool that she was only 14 when it was published. Maybe the reason why it's not as appealing to you now? Just a thought – either that or we've been inundated by vampire stories!


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    It's possible that a younger audience appreciates it more and you've grown up. I am very impressed that a 14-year-old published a novel. Wow.

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