Black Friday Weekend

Wow.  What a weekend!  I remember waking up Friday morning and thinking, “Oh gosh, how am I going to survive this?  And now it’s Monday and I’m a little surprised at how fast it went by!

As you all know I worked Black Friday at Best Buy.  I had a 10 hour shift and I was pretty nervous because I’ve had absolutely no training.  I walked into it wondering what I was going to do and at first I figured I was just being thrown to the wolves.  And while at times I felt like a fish out of water, by the end of the very long day I felt like I was getting the hang of things.  I will say that Best Buy was not nearly as bad as when I worked Black Friday at Caribou last year.  By the time I arrived at 11 the craziness had worn off and while we did some really great sales it was never just me and one coworker against a line going out the door.  Sorry Best Buy, you are no Black Friday Caribou!

I also worked on Saturday.  A six hour shift was a piece of cake after the 10 hour one I’d worked.  I did have a few customers that weren’t exactly nice to me.  I mean, what do you expect, I’m new, I don’t know everything!  But for the most part I felt relatively comfortable and the day went by fast!  I’m looking forward to getting a little more training so that I have the knowledge to back up what I’m talking about!

I had Sunday off, thank goodness.  It was pretty much filled with pumpkin pie and wine.  Not a bad combo, right?  I spend Sunday morning and afternoon working on blog things while Dustin and my brother watched football.

After Ryan left we decided to break out the few Christmas decorations we have.  Going from our apartment to the house has been quite a change and we’re realizing that we’re going to need to invest in some more decorations!  Hopefully soon.  But here are some pics from last night’s decorating:

Monte helping Dustin set up the tree
 The mantle with Christmas decor
The first Christmas ornament
Us once the tree was all decorated
The tree.  We seriously need a tree skirt
Have you all started your holiday decorating?


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    Lovely Christmas tree and decorations. I was about to say that you're starting the Christmas decorating rather early but then I realised that it is almost December in a couple of days! and its actually not that early.

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    So glad you survived Black Friday! And I'm super-impressed with you getting that tree done up too – it looks great, tree skirt or no :)

    Hope it was a terrific thanksgiving holiday otherwise!

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    We have to get a tree skirt too! We put up the tree on Thanksgiving, so it's all done..woohoo for that.

    Glad to hear that you didn't get trampled on Black Friday.

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    The Koenens–my true family, though they are not my biological family–and I started getting ready for the coming Christmas! It's going to be my second merry Christmas this year, and I love the lights Mr. Koenen put up. They are so beautiful!

    I like your Christmas tree! I can't wait to put up ours =).

    You must be quite a strong person. You deserve many hoorays from me for managing to work on this past Friday at a Best Buy! "Hoorays!"

    I truly hope you and your family will have a blessed week!

    -Anna Kristianne from

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    oh i'm so glad it was better than you thought it would be! i'm still amazed at how successful our society has been at creating one day a year that makes everyone insane. sheesh!

    we also decorated our house this weekend! it was so much fun and really got me in the christmas spirit. isn't that first decorating of a new home great?!

    hope your week is starting off well!

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    I'm relieved to hear that you survived the weekend! Don't worry too much about Christmas decor-the house looks charming and one of these days you'll wonder when you accumulated so much stuff!

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    I'm glad you survived Black Friday at Best Buy and that it wasn't too bad! Yay! :)

    We're probably going to decorate next week. We usually wait until the first weekend in December to get our tree & decorate. :)

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    Your mantle decor is adorable!

    We've put up our tree and some decor around the house. I hope to post pictures soon; we just ran out of steam at 10:30 last night and so we'll have to finish up tonight. 😉

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    Yay, you survived the weekend and even relaxed a little! I am sure things will get easier at BB once you know a little more. What dept did they put you in??
    PS I do not decorate for Christmas or any other holiday. Sad, I know.

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    Glad to hear best buy wasnt a mad house (and there were no box cutters). Your tree came out very nice and little monte is super cute. Holiday decorating will being this weekend for me, cant wait!

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    Your tree is amazing! Oh my gosh, I am LOVING it! I am so glad you survived the weekend! We went to BB on Saturday and I was totally thinking of you!!!

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    I'm glad your weekend wasn't that bad! I was thinking about you when I saw all the Best Buy ads! I was so tempted to go look around but was worried about all the people! And you're right..pumpkin pie and wine is the best combo :)

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    Oh man, good for you making it through that hectic weekend!!! At first I was surprised that Caribou would be more hectic than Best Buy on Black Friday, but then I realized that all those enthusiastic shoppers need their caffeine and energy for buying things!

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