Best Laid Plans

This weekend serves as an example that even when your plans get screwed up you can still end up having a great time.

Friday I worked.  Okay, that’s not much fun.  But I worked with Amy who I am quickly growing to really like.  She’s a book nerd like me so we basically talk about books we love.  So it’s nice!

The reason my plans got screwed up is because my Best Buy orientation got moved from Thursday to Saturday.  Saturday was when I was supposed to be hosting the MN/WI Blog Get Together (if you’re from the Twins Cities area OR don’t mind driving and you’d like to be invited to future get together please email me).  Well, the get together was supposed to be at 1 and the orientation was supposed to go till 3 so… that got messed up.

In reality Sara still drove down EVER THOUGH it snowed like crazy and the roads were horrid.  That is true friendship dedication right there.

I had my orientation, which went well although my head is spinning with how much there is to learn!  And with Black Friday creeping up very quickly I’m hoping I don’t totally crash and burn!

Sara showed up a little while after I did Saturday evening.  We ran to the grocery store for junk food – Crunch ‘n Munch (I have a severe addiction right now), Cheesz Its, spice drops and Fun Dip.  We ordered pizza and sat down to watch the 3rd and 4th Harry Potter movies.  Now, I was as shocked as anyone to find out that Sara has only seen the first two movies and has not read a single one of the books.  I warned her that that was enough to ruin our friendship right there.  She’s assured me she’ll read the books.  She better.  Or else.

Sunday we got some sad news about Sara’s cat Lenny.  You can head on over to her blog to read about it.  I caution you, though, it’ll probably make you cry.

Nonetheless Sara and I headed to the Mall of America to meet up with Amy and Anna.  I have to say I’m getting rather addicted to meeting people through blogs.  I mean, is there really anyone cooler than a blogger?  Anyway, we walked through the whole mall, visited our favorites stores and spent a lot of the time judging people (I mean for real, do you need to dress like a hooker to go shopping at the mall?).  By the end of it I was exhausted but I had so so so much fun.  And I’m hoping we can make getting together a more regular thing.  I’ve missed having girl friends.  Anyway, I’ll have pics to show you all on Wednesday!

After the mall I had to head to Maurices for our holiday meeting.  That was… eh.  I have some problems with my schedule so I’m a bit frustrated about that.  But hopefully it’ll get worked out.

Today I am hanging out at Dunn Bros. while Monte gets a much needed haircut.  Hopefully I can get some blogging done and some NaNo done! 

Happy Monday all!


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    sorry I didn't make it out yesterday – many factors (like being too sore to move from shoveling on Sat.) played a role.
    Hopefully we can plan something for after the holiday's – I sure would like to hang out again!

  2. says

    yay great weekend!
    I worked at best buy for 3 years… if my job had've transferred when i moved i would probably still be there- I loved it! The great thing is that on Black Friday they are so organized, they have it down to a science. it was always a fun day to work and although I would usually work a 14 hour day it felt like a normal shift because of how fast it went by!

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    I need a bumper sticker that says, "That's right- I'm the asshole doing 30mph in a snow storm on Hwy 35. Honk & Wave!". That was seriously an experience. LOL. But it was worth it! And you better lock your doors because I might steal Monte. He'd totally go with me if I bring CheezIts…

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    Even though things didn't go quite as planned (do they ever? :)), sounds like you had a terrific, fun weekend! Hope some of those good vibes continue through the week!

  5. says

    Ahhh snow, acutal 4 seasons…what's that like anyways? lol

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Good luck for Black Friday, eeek.

    I am luvin meeting/making new blogger friends also…staying tuned for the photos!
    Happy Monday…bleh

  6. says

    Aww! I love that you were able to meet up with some lovely blogger ladies! It sounds like everything worked out in the end!

    And good luck with Best Buy! Do you get a discount???

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    I've never been to Mall of America and if I lived closer, I'd come meet you guys in a heartbeat. And to answer you, no, there is no one cooler than a blogger or Harry Potter. 😀

  8. says

    Fun!! She definitely needs to read Harry Potter though.

    I'm glad you had a great weekend. I miss having girl friends around, too. Living in a small town with not so nice people makes it hard to find friends. Also, my hubs is addicted to Crunch 'n Munch , too. Thank you, Target, for putting it in the $1 section!

    Poor kitty. :(

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