So Friday I had a long but relatively decent day.  I had a job interview at 10 AM.  It went relatively well although it was a SHORT interview.  Still, it felt good so I’m really hopeful that I’m going to get a call.  Right now it’s just a seasonal position but it could possibly turn into a permanent one after the holidays.  Either way, we could really use the money so hopefully I’ll get some good news.

I was scheduled to work at 2 and didn’t want to waste the gas to drive back home and then back to work so rather than do that I went and hung out at a coffee shop near work.  I love having my little netbook because I was able to sit and have coffee and a delicious blackberry white chocolate scone while hanging out online.  Not too shabby!

I worked from 2 to close and it was kind of crazy but ended up being a good night.  I worked partly with Shannon (my boss) and partly with Amy, who is the 1st assistant manager.  Amy and I ended up having a really good talk towards the end of the night about work and what not and I went home feeling really good.

Saturday was a very blah day.  I was on call for work but of course ended up not having to go in.  It’s frustrating because every time I’ve been on call I haven’t had to go in but I still have to get dressed and do my hair and makeup as if I’m going to work.  Kind of a waste.  I spent the rest of Saturday watching movies and just hanging out in front of the fireplace.

However, one awesome thing did happen Saturday.  I got a call for a second interview!  It’s on Tuesday at 3:15 so you all better be thinking of me.  If I get the job I have to go through a background check and a drug test.  This is the first job where I’d have to get a drug test and despite the fact that I’ve never done drugs I still find myself feeling worried.  What’s up with that?

Sunday was a lazy day.  I had some school stuff to finish up and then I pretty much lazed around reading and watching movies.  I’m reading this great new book, Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and it’s pretty fantastic so far.  However I keep wanting to race to the end because there are many unanswered questions.  Oh I love a good book!  One of the movies I caught this weekend was on the channel FX.  It was called Deception.  I’d never heard of it before but it starred Ewan McGregor (yum), Hugh Jackman (double yum) and Michelle Williams (okay, I’ll admit she’s not bad on the eyes either).  It ended up being pretty darn good!

Anyway, that was my weekend.  How was yours?


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    Yay, good job on the interview and grats on being called back :)

    I had a slow weekend with loads of relaxation and reading only broken off by a few friends stopping by for some wine on Saturday evening!

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    sounds like fun! will think of you tomorrow :)my weekend was busy, what with my boses buggering off to wales and leaving me to do 3 peoples work haha i can do it tho i can i can!! :)

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    Good Luck with the job stuff!!

    Steve and I were in Taylors Falls on Saturday, then went antiquing in Stillwater on Sunday. What a lovely area we live in!

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    I have never had a drug test for a job either. But I would be worried if I had to get one despite never doing drugs. I think it's because of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine fails a couple drug tests because of eating a poppyseed muffin!

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    Congratulations on the interview and callback! (You made me think of that Seinfeld episode – where Elaine eats a poppy seed bagel and tested positive for opium :)).

    I had a nice lazy weekend too, just celebrating some job news and soaking up fall colors – have a great Monday!

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    You'll do fine! And if they ask you why you want the job you can totally be honest and say you are beefing up the concert fund so you and your super awesome friend Sara can kidnap hot guys. You're guaranteed to get the job. :)

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    Good luck with your interview! I know what you mean about the drug test thing. I get the same feeling whenever I get stopped at a roadblock or at customs. I feel all fidgety and guilty, even though I've done nothing at all! Am seriously the least likely person ever to a) drink and drive, b) try to sneak some sort of contraband item across the border!

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    I'll be sending you good vibes tomorrow! Good luck.

    It's always nerve racking doing any kind of drug or pee test. LOL. Even though you know you haven't done anything.

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    That's awesome that you got the 2nd interview! Background check & drug tests makes me nervous even though I know I haven't done drugs. I think it's natural to feel that way sometimes. :)

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    I had to take a drug test for the job I have now and I was nervous, too! Haha, so weird.

    Good luck on the interview tomorrow! I really hope you get the job.

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    Hooray for job interviews! Good luck with the second one.

    I have always been nervous about taking drug tests, and I have no reason to be. Just be sure to avoid anything with poppy seeds. xD

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    I used to work at Target in Hudson, and I got hired on in November 2004 as a seasonal position and hired on full time in January… I was so thankful to be hired full time!!! But anyways, I had to go to Hudson Hosp for drug test, and background test too… you'll be fine! Praying for good interview today!!!

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    everything you write makes me smile :)

    Hope you get offered a good job!

    i used to work retail and got sooo pissed off if i had to be on call.

    LOVE that cute little pic, i love funny sayings like that!

    How was your Tuesday ?

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