September 3rd


Okay seriously. How do two people acquire SO MUCH STUFF in two years?

The last time we moved was two years ago and back then I thought we did a pretty good job of getting rid of things we didn’t need/use so that we could make the most of our small little two bedroom apartment. And even though it’s been awhile I even went through the closet of our second bedroom back in March and got rid of stuff.

So it’s pretty shocking to me when I’ve spent DAYS packing and I seriously feel like I’m not making a darn dent!

First of all there’s the fact that my books took boxes upon boxes upon boxes to pack up. Then there’s all the random stuff – like, I want to keep it but how do you stay organized when you have just a bunch of RANDOM stuff?

The good news is that my parents are closing on the 3rd of September, just a smidge over 2 weeks. Which will give us all of Labor Day weekend to get everything moved and it’ll give us another week after that to get our apartment cleaned.

The bad news is that until then I feel like I’m living in, well, a crap hole. I mean, this apartment was never anything to write home about ANYWAY, what with the nasty old carpet, the uneven floor in the kitchen, the fact that the hood vent over the stove was taken out and there’s just a hole where it was or the fact that the hallway of our building looks like the worst part of the 70’s threw up everywhere. Mix that in with the fact that all of our stuff that isn’t packed is kind of just throw around everywhere and little OCD me is having a bit of an issue.

Seriously. Is it moving time yet?


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    We already outgrown our house and are looking to move next year. It is crazy how much stuff we've acquired so I feel for you. We try to tidy but it always looks cluttered sigh! Good luck with the move xx

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    Moving is the absolute worse. No matter how organized you are, it just becomes a big mess. I hate it. Good luck and think about how wonderful it'll feel to be in a house with a yard and more space – and actually be able to paint and change things as you wish.

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    Love your choice of words "crap hole". So something I would say:) Hang in there…I've been in my house for 3 years, I know the feeling of "stuff". Just throw it out if you don't use it…or give it away.

    PS..I'm having a giveaway today (this won't clutter your house either).

    Julie xo

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    The countdown is on! I hate moving… but I moved quite a few times in my early twenties and though I hated it at the time, I'm thankful for all the opportunities to declutter! It'll feel so much better on the other side, and not too long now :)

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    Moving is the worst, i moved back home after spending ayear in my own apartment but i had left a lot of stuff back home and i still managed to hoard a lot of stuff over the year and i dont know where it all came from!!
    I think the worst of it all is once you packed and moved it, unpacking again, it just seems like its never going to end.

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    One day at a time. You have the time, so pack a little here and there, throw out what you can and don't stress. Stressing only makes things worse. Keep reminding yourself that you're about to be living in a house… not a crap hole.

    I love packing, wish we lived closer, cause I'd totally help you!

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    Oh Krysten, "the worst part of the 70's threw up everywhere". That seriously cracked me up. You are so cute!
    I can really identify with you. We moved into our new house early January of this year. Before, we had a one bedroom apartment. We seemed to manage fine, but now that we are in a four bedroom house, I'm just not sure I would ever be able to go back. We have so much stuff. Oh my!
    Good luck with your move.

    P.S. I think my books took up a ton of boxes too!

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    Isn't it amazing how much STUFF can be accumulated!? Every time I have to move my things I get the urge to just give it all away or sell it or SOMETHING! Good luck working through all of that :)

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    Haha! Seriously, I ask myself that question every time I enter my closet. It is amazing how much garbage you can accumulate in such a short amount of time! But yayay for September 3rd – that's so soon!! :)

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    book! its always the books. when hubs and i moved from LA to Florida in April we chucked almost everything but literally half the boxes that remained were books. rethinking the whole kindle thing…

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    oh honey i know what you mean! when i moved i only had 200 sq ft to pack up – and it still took days upon days! i guess acquiring stuff just happens. it's an inevitable (and horrible) part of life. :) toward the end, when i was getting desperate, i started throwing things in those heavy duty, non-tearable garbage bags. you do what you gotta do.

    but soon you'll be in your beautiful new home and you can unpack and start fresh! and you can go swimming!!! :) hang in there!

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    I feel your pain. I was so overwhelmed. I honestly just didn't know where to start, but then I did and then the amt of boxes became overwhelming. I moved into that place with hardly anything and moved after 2 years and had A LOT. Even worse- since moving 2.5wks ago, I've bought even MORE stuff. I'm hoping the next time I move I'll be getting married or something. lol

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    Can I just tell you how excited I am to see your Christmas tree in that living room this year, with that fireplace????!!!

    You will get there. Plus…you will need all that stuff in your bigger space. Do some book giveaways. Unless you can't part.

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    oh, i so know how you feel! i've moved about 9 times in the last 2 years and each time i get rid of more and more stuff. its amazing how much stuff i still have to get rid of!

    don't worry, once you're all moved into your beautiful new place, you'll forget all about how horrid packing and moving is. :) good luck with it all!

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    It's so funny you say that because I think the same thing every time I move! Where/when did I get all this STUFF??? It really sneaks up on you. Haha.


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    haha yeah, I always consider myself a minimal person when it comes to stuff not related to clothes but when I moved I relized that I still have a lot of crap! it'll be over soon good luck!!

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    I think that moving is one of the top 5 or 10 most stressful things that a person can do! I HATE moving (we've moved 6 times in 5 years), and even with all of that, I still find junk and all sorts of random crap. I'll blow some moving fairy dust your way, and hope that you get everything sorted (I know you will)!

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    moving is stressful no matter which way you spin it! we moved for marks work once to another state and they packed everything for us but i was still beside myself with stress!

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    packing can always be a little be overwhelming. :( not to mention, living in a bit of a mess until moving day is kind of annoying, i totally understand! but – i'm totaly stoked for you and your new place! :) once you get moved in and everything in it's place, it will be amazing.


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    I've moved so much in my life, that I'm an old pro at it. :) Packing is the worst part.

    Well, and the unpacking & looking at such a disorganized MESS…haha. Oh, I don't envy you. 😉

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    I can certainly commiserate with you. I hate moving and I am amazed at how much stuff that can be collected even in short periods of time. I hope it will all be over soon for you.

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    Bah, I feel your pain. I recently moved, and it was a bit of a nightmare. SUCH a great opportunity to get rid of a lot of crap, though. It truly is amazing just how much stuff we acquire. I don't particularly consider myself to be one of those people who keeps everything, but sometimes when I'm cleaning out a space in my room, I realize, "Wow. Why would I ever think keeping this was a good idea?" Luckily, I've been so scarred by members of my family hoarding junk that I refuse to EVER be like that.

    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

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