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Hi all! Right now I have some openings for sponsors of After ‘I Do’. There are different monthly options that include a button on the left sidebar of my blog as well as some extras all at very affordable rates.

Sponsors can be Etsy shops, blogs and everything in between. If you’re interested or you’d simply like more information please feel free to email me.

P.S. Some of my favorite bloggers Laura, Ang and Sami all did photo memes in which their readers asked them to take pictures of anything in their lives. So if you’d like to see a pic of something specific from MY life, feel free to leave a comment and ask!


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  1. says

    I wish I was super creative enough to be a sponsor:)

    I think you should post photos of your life too – maybe wedding? You as a kid?

  2. says

    sponsors is a good idea! And photos from your life is great too. Yeah I agree if you're too thin people think you're aneroxic and vice versa. It's nice to be confident in your body as long as you don't go snooki over-board and publically say outragous things lol

  3. says

    what a great idea! you should def. be a part! I would love to see a photo of the music and hobbys that you love….maybe books too.

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