Miss Betty Lou Giveaway

Hey all.
Guess what?

It’s time for another giveaway!

This week’s giveaway is brought to you by one of my amazing sponsors.
So before we get to what you can win, here’s a little info about the shop.

Miss Betty Lou is a shop that specializes in jewelry that makes a statement, something that is of course all the rage right now. With a mix of silk rosettes, ribbon, beading and more, each piece can add a truly unique look to any event that you plan on attending.

I asked Stephanie, the brain behind this shop, a few questions and this is what she had to say:

Who or what is your store named for? I named my shop after my grandmother, Betty Lou Taylor. She helped raise me and has always been a big part of my life and a source of inspiration so this was my way of honoring her.

What are your inspirations? Inspiration for me usually comes from the materials I use. I never know what I am going to create when I sit down to make a new piece. I love to use bright colors and a variety of textures. I sort of let the materials speak to me.

Sometimes I have a certain person in mind when I create a new piece (a friend or one of my sisters). I will make it to their taste, incorporating my interpretation of their personal style or colors I know they like.

What are three favorite items from your shop and why? I love the Fabulous Faux Pearl and Rosette Statement Bib Necklace because it is just so much fun to make! I love how the black and white accents contrast with the bright bold colors of the flowers.

I also love items like the Romantic Ivory Rosette Duo with Pearls and Rhinestone Hair Clip because I know that it is most likely for a bride and I’m always so honored to be a part of their special day!

And I really like the Lime Green and Black Flower Rosette Statement Necklace because it is more my personal taste. I have one that I wear all the time and I just love it.

Where do you see yourself and your shop in the next year? In the next year I hope to have my home studio totally completed. Right now it’s not quite where I want it to be (it’s a total mess!!!). But I really look forward to having a work space that is organized and reflects my style. I also look forward to creating a ton of new pieces. I would love to create a line of hats!

Any advice for aspiring Etsy shop owners? If I could offer one piece of advice for aspiring Etsy shop owners it would be to GO FOR IT! Etsy has changed my life. Not only has it given me a much needed outlet for creativity, it has given me a real chance to make a living off of what I love to do. I always knew I wanted to be an artist and to be my own boss and the Etsy community has given me the tools I needed to make that happen.

Today you all have the change to win a gorgeous item

from this gorgeous shop.
You’ll be the envy of everyone who sees you wearing this sweet necklace
The Rules
(Please leave a separate comment for each entry)

Mandatory Entry:
You must be a follower of After ‘I Do’.
(comment telling me your favorite item from Miss Betty Lou)

Extra Entries:
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Tweet and/or Blog about this giveaway (1-2 entries)
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The giveaway winner will be announced
Tuesday July 20th.
Good luck!



  1. says

    Love all of her stuff! I am in love with the Classy Romantic Pearl Statement Necklace – Faux Pearls accented w/ Silk Rosette Flow. (It says "Perfect for the Bride"–but I'm assuming non-brides and non-students are allowed to wear it!)

    I'm a follower on here and on Twitter, and I just tweeted about your giveaway. :-)

  2. Anonymous says

    Such a cute necklace, great giveaway! My favourite piece from her shop is the Romantic Lace and Rosette Statement Necklace, so pretty.


  3. says

    Accidentally posted as anonymous.

    Such a cute necklace, great giveaway! My favourite piece from her shop is the Romantic Lace and Rosette Statement Necklace, so pretty.


  4. says

    what a pretty shop!!! I like the Silver Gray Silk Rosettes with Rhinestones and Pearls because it would go perfect with a black bridesmaids dress :)

  5. says

    YES!!! Oh my gosh, this is an amazing giveaway! I am in LOVE with the Bright and Bold statement necklace! I also stalk you here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, and am about to send a tweet right now! Love!

  6. says

    I am a fb fan and I love the Blue, Purple and Black Polka Dot Statement Headband! I absolutely LOVE wearing headbands and yours are the BEST! Keep 'em coming!!!

  7. says

    Thank you for sharing this Etsy site! I am always looking for cute, unique pieces on Etsy. These are by far the cutest pieces! I love the Black and Gray Silk Rosette Statement Headband. Gray is my ultimate favorite!!! Super cute.

  8. says

    I'm a follower…for quite some time.

    I love her stuff. The pearl and rosette combo is so pretty. My favorite is the multi strand all black necklace. I might be purchasing that baby.

  9. says

    I Love the statement bib in her header graphic in the post. In fact, I own it.
    I want the tiny plsatic molded rosette earrings to go with it. My sister ordered those after she saw my necklace.
    I subscribe through google reader and follow you on twitter.

  10. says

    i am a follower!! OF COURSE!!

    my fave item is the Romantic Lace and Rosette Statement Necklace.

    thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway!!

  11. says

    Of course I follow your blog. While I LOVE the necklace your giving way (probably my second favorite), I also love the Magenta and Teal Statement Necklace.

    Yay for giveaways!

  12. says

    Hello. I like your blog.

    Do you want have one 125 x 125 ad (publicity) for free on my blog?

    Go to my blog and comment saying yes and sent the image (125 x 125) URL.

    Thnks darling

    xoxo <33

  13. says

    um, yes please! i love all of her wonderful creations especially the pretty in pink and pearl necklace. sooo purrrdy. i would love LOVE love to win! what a treat it would be! :)

  14. says

    oh my gosh!! SO pretty! I'm a follower of course. I love the Black Multi Strand Bead and Chain with Silk Rosette Necklace in her shop. Beautiful!

  15. says

    I love the Pretty Pearls and Purple Bow Statement Necklace on a Satin Ribbon, but also the black flower belt. She makes gorgeous stuff!!

  16. says

    Is it at all possible for me to say that I like everything in this store and would like to have it all? All the pieces in there are incredible, but these are my favorite:

    Wild Leopard Print Rosette Statement Necklace with Teal and Pale Yellow Silk Rosettes

    Pearly Purple Passion Necklace – Silk Rosettes with Russian veiling, black satin bow and glass beads


    Black, Gray and Red Polka Dot Statement Necklace

    Her shop has definitely been added to my favorites, seeing as I'm a pinch of a jewelry addict!

    Now off to tweet about the giveaway!

    -Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com/

  17. says

    Now, "favorite" item is tough because there was A LOT of stuff that I loved. But, I'm super drawn to the Green Silk Rosette Trio and Black Veil Headband.

    And I'll definitely love that necklace if it gets to come live with me too. :)

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