Happy Saturday V1.4


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. Less than a week left of school
3. Being really good at writing papers
5. Chick lit
6. Funfetti cake
7. Monte
8. Gilmore Girls reruns
9. Chocolate
10. Muse



  1. says

    Another superb list!

    Funfetti cake reminds me of my grandma. Every year for my birthday she makes me a funfetti cake with the candy icing, thanks for sharing!!!

    have a great weekend and good luck with school, one week left that's great!!!

  2. says

    I love this feature! I've been trying to be aware of such things lately myself. I figure, if you only concentrate on the negative, then that’s all that will reveal itself to you.

  3. says

    What a great list. I love the sunshine, funfetti cake and of course LOVE it when the muse comes out to play!

    Have a great weekend! :)

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