Father’s Day

Today, in case you didn’t know, is Father’s Day. So if you have a dad that you love and adore, I highly suggest you get your booty in gear and go wish him a happy Father’s Day!

My dad and I have an interesting relationship. We’re a lot alike, which is generally a good thing, aside from our bad tempers (and bad teeth). Growing up, I don’t think I was always very appreciative of having the dad that I did. Some people have fathers that aren’t around, that don’t care, that don’t push. I am lucky that I have a dad that maybe sometimes cares too much. I know if I have a problem that is too big for me I can go to my dad and he’ll help me work through it. It isn’t always easy because I know my dad wants what’s best for me and his idea of what’s best for me isn’t always the same as my idea for what’s best for me. But I know I’m lucky that he cares that much.

On my wedding day I was lucky enough to have my dad walk me down… well, the steps of my parents’ backyard, actually. We didn’t really have an aisle. I was also lucky to share a dance with him on my wedding day. We danced to the song Vienna by Billy Joel, which is a favorite of mine from one of my favorite movies 13 Going On 30. In the movie when this song is playing the main character runs home to her parents after being unable to figure out her life. Between the movie and the lyrics, this song really makes me think of my dad and the advice he’s given me over the years. And now every time I hear this song I think of my wedding day and getting to dance with my dad.

Anyway, I won’t get to see my dad today because we’re going up next weekend. However, I’m thinking of him today and you can be certain I’ll give him a phone call.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you. Thanks for pushing me to be the best I can be.



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    That wedding photo is BEAUTIFUL!! I won't be seeing my father until next weekend either. He's out of town this week, but I'll be sure to call him today anyways!

    Sweet memories! Love it.

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    That is a gorgeous picture. I too treasure the dance that I shared with my dad on my wedding day. We danced to I loved her first by heartlands. My dad is an incredibly hardworking man. Growing up he might not have been able to be around as much as he would have liked but he always made sure that we knew how much he loved us.

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    Great post! Remind me of my relationship with my dad. He's the kind that may care too much as well, a bit overly protective but I really think he wants the best for me.

    Happy Father's day!

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    What a great post. Sometimes I think dad's get a bad rap, they get pushed to the side and overshadowed by moms, but being a really good father can be hard and I think they deserve recognition. I'm glad you are lucky to have one of the good ones!

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    Very sweet. Love that photo of you two. He sounds like a wonderful Dad. Let me know if you want to have a my Dad's greater than your Dad contest because I bet we'd come out pretty close 😉

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    I didn't get to see my dad today either. He lives 15 hours away. The first time ever that I was not able to be with him, but I hope to see him next month!

    Great pic, there's nothing like wedding pics of you and your dad on your wedding day! I cherish the ones I have as well!

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    I followed you over from SITS.
    I too have a Daddy I adore and your post really made me think of him and how much he has touched my life.

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