Prom 2002

It’s May and for a lot of high schoolers that means that it is prom season. I can’t help but think about my own prom, which was 8 years ago (my gosh, that makes me feel old).

To tell the truth of all the formal dances I’d been to in high school (I went to 6, prom included) prom was the lamest. I’m not sure if it was because I’d already been to so many formals already or what but when I look back it’s always with a very bittersweet feeling.

During that spring, I’d been dating a guy named Adam. To tell the honest truth, Adam was more of a rebound guy than anything else. But I liked him well enough. He was older than me and in college but he asked me to my prom and I was very excited to go. I immediately went out and bought a hot pink dress (as you can see in the picture) and proceeded to go tanning for the first time in my entire life (and actually, the only other time I faked baked was for my wedding).

Then, about a week before prom Adam broke up with me. Even though I wasn’t totally into him I was still hurt. But we decided to still go to prom as friends since the tickets had already been purchased.

The night before prom Adam came to my house and we ended up reconciling. To this day I don’t know if it’s because he really did have a change of heart or if it’s because he thought I’d actually be cliche enough to lose my virginity on prom night (no offense to those who DID lose their v-card that night). More on that later. But we got back together and that just added to my excitement over prom.

Prom day, though, just didn’t seem as great as the movies make it out to be. The hairdresser couldn’t do my hair the way I wanted it and blamed me for not coming in for a hair trial (I was 18, I had no idea about hair trials). It was raining and Adam forgot his tux as school (yes, I dated a guy that actually owned his own tux). The good part was making dinner at my best friend’s house. It was Adam and me, my best friend and her boyfriend (who she later married) and another friend and her boyfriend. After dinner, a bunch of other friends came over and our parents all showed up to take a million pictures.

Our prom took place at the Landmark Center in St. Paul and THAT was gorgeous. However, I don’t remember much about the actual prom. I do remember being really uncomfortable in my strapless bra and thinking that the DJ was kind of lame. My friends and I spent a lot of the night goofing around and didn’t dance much. One friend left early with her boyfriend to go have their own fun. And then my best friend, her boyfriend, Adam and I decided to ditch early. We ended up at a little coffeeshop in Minneapolis and had more fun there than we’d had at our own prom.

Afterward, Adam and I stopped by a friend’s after party for a little while and ended up back and my parents’ house, where Adam was spending the night. And, like I said, where he tried to push me further than I wanted and I told him no.

Two days later Adam broke up with me. Again.

Yeah, my prom was kind of a let down. But I’m lucky enough to have 5 other formal dances that I had fun at so I can’t be too sad.

And I’m hoping that every teenager going to their prom this May has more fun than I did, that is for sure.



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    There was a prom going on in my hotel in St. Louis. It cracked me up to see them all jazzed up and looking so young. Made me very glad to be a grown up. This Friday I'm going to an "80s prom" party. Thankful that this time around, there will be alcohol (legally).

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    My prom sucked too. I only went to my senior year formals which was fine. It wasn't as fabulous as everyone said it was going to be. I mean, most of the girls were balling because their dates looked at another girl, the guys were playing with the condoms in their pockets and then the people who had no dates were drunk the whole time. Woo-hoo…exciting.

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    Oh, to be in high school again! Love your photo and sorry it didnt go as well as planned – Adam sounds like a typical HS boyfriend. One track mind…

    Have a great week!

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    I kind of love the fact that prom helps so many girls see the true colors of the guys they are with. It seems like everyone wants to be "cliche" for prom, doesn't it? Nevertheless, you look gorgeous – or should I say…pretty in pink! :)

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    OMG prom. Mine was 14 YEARS AGO (holy old) and I didn't have very much fun either! The guy I went with was a total loser. That is such an adorable pic of you guys as Charlie's Angels though!

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    Sorry your prom was kind of a let down. I had fun at mine, but I think its because I went in with realistic expectations. I just wanted to have a good time not have it be the best night ever.

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    Prom feels like so long ago. It is fun looking back at the pics of me and my husband in our formal gear. Thanks for sharing!

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    oh man. those prom (or in the case of my conservative private school, banquets) days had so much drama! i'm so glad i'm an adult now and i don't have to worry about things like that. hooray for adulthood! :)

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    His loss! What a loser and good for you :) Sorry you didn't have a great time at your prom. I actually ditched mine. Your dress was fab and your fake & bake looked great :)

    Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

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    I never went to my Junior or Senior proms, but I did go to prom as a sophomore with a friend who was a Junior. Said "friend" had apparently gone about telling people we were dating (we were most definitely not), showed up in his band tux which had been in his trunk for months and was smelly (though his dad gave him money to rent a tux and he spent it on whatever) and then told me he hated my dress. When we didn't have any sort of intimacy, he told me that he was bigger than me and if he really wanted sex, he would get it.

    Needless to say, we never hung out again. I think Proms are an important rite of passage, but are super overrated.

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    I loved HS but prom was lame! My bf at the time had a family emergency so I ended up alone. We left went to eat and went to an equally lame after party and got home around 4. I need to make this a post! Great idea :)

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    Seriously. None of my proms were like "She's all that". Where is Freddie Prinze Jr. when you need him?

    And no choreographed dance numbers…WTF?

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    Prom is really overrated. Mine really sucked. It was the only formal dance I went to, but it sucked. My goal is to actually fit back into my prom dress. lol

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    My prom sucked too. I went with a friend of the guy I was dating. I had asked him as prom started to get close and then I started dating the friend. You'd think the friend would have stepped down, but no. It was lame. And if it makes you feel any better about how old you are…it was 17 years ago!

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    i love this. i went to 2 homecomings my sr year and my prom…that's it for HS dances(and that was 1999–i definitely feel old!). i was dating a guy before prom, who'd asked me to go…but then we broke up a month before. not a huge ordeal(i was his rebound and his ex went to my HS)..i ended up having a soph from KU take me(buddy from my HS in tulsa 2 yrs prior). we had a lot of fun.

    my hubby and i saw some prommies at old chicago this weekend..he said "you don't take your prom date to old chicago!" lol.

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    oh prom. you've made me feel pretty old, too hahaha. my dresses are that old…and the one from 2002 actually was never worn to prom bc he dumped me before we could go…so a bunch of girlfriends (who were also dumped, we're that cool) and I dressed up anyways and went to dinner. eat that mr i'm-so-lame-i-dump-you-before-prom guy

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    Prom, ugh. I had a horrible time at my prom. No date and all the girls I went with had dates. And I had something funky in my contact all night long and it irritated my eye so badly that it made me get a splitting headache and I had to leave early. Blegh, not a great memory.

    I think movies build them up so much and it's not reality.

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    Being in England my high school only started the whole Prom thing the year after i left…typical.. maybe i'm just bitter but i think it's over rated, i mean it's all just about spending too much money on a dress that you won't ever want to wear twice, and fretting over getting a date, AND they now do it TWICE!! once in the fifth year then again in the sixth form, so that's DOUBLE the expense for the poor parents!!

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