Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

The 9th Sookie Stackhouse book begins with a big deal in the shifter community: the shifters are about to out themselves to the world. And although the outing seems to go relatively well, it soon goes all downhill when the body of a shifter is discovered outside Sookie’s place of work. And that body has been crucified. However, Sookie has even more than that to worry about – she’s being investigated by the FBI and there are some very angry fairies out to get her. Oh, and then there’s a little matter that she might just be married to Eric Northman (at least according to vampire tradition), Bill may just still be in love with her and even her ex, the weretiger Quinn, seems to want her. Sookie’s life is getting more dramatic than ever and more than once she wonders if maybe her life would be better off without the vampires.

Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVED this book. I am a huge fan of Sookie and her no nonsense attitude, there was plenty of drama and wondering “whodunit” and I could not put this book down. I love how kick butt Sookie can be but that she still realizes that she needs to rely on others also. She’s such a strong character (and if you hate Twilight because Bella isn’t a strong character I highly suggest you meet Sookie Stackhouse). And I have to say that my favorite thing about this book was definitely Eric Northman. Can we say yum?



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    Is this where I admit I've never read a Charlaine Harris book?

    So, I'm crawling out from under my rock and added it my next library trip list :)

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    I'm starting this series as soon as I finish the new Jen Lancaster. I already knew I'd love it, but this just seals the deal.

    To be honest, I'm thrilled to find a new series with so many books. :)

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    OO i read this series all at once but stopped on the last book as i was all vampired out by then,(was reading the House of Night Series inbetween as well) i havent been watching the tv series but may get the box set i may go back to sookie when ive read my current book :)

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    Reading #2 right now, even though I've seen the 2nd season of True Blood already. Trying hard to get through the 3rd before the next season begins on June 13th! I love knowing what is going to happen before my Husband 😉

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    I've seen a lot of the episodes on True Blood and was told that the books were even better. I hesitated reading the books and watching the show at first because it seemed like it would freak me out and that I would never sleep without the light on ever again. Fortunately, that has not been the case. I just started the first book yesterday and so far I'm loving it. Can't wait to get further in the series!

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    So…I can't even tell you how Twilight just fills me with dread (I'm so sorry, Foxy…but it does.) However, we started getting "True Blood" on Netflix and sad to say, we are all caught up until they release another season on Netflix. I LOVE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE!!!! I love True Blood and I want to read this book but I'm afraid it will ruin it for me, what with us being so far behind in the series. Like…I didn't know she had an ex?? No worries…I was bound to figure it out sooner or later. 😉 Thanks for posting. I may give it a try anyway. This waiting thing is not for me. I need more Sookie (which is a little like needing more nookie, I think).

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    im so ready to start these books! i just bought the first one and your reviews make me want to put down the book im on now and read it immediately!

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    I loved this one too. I just finished reading the one that just came out and yeah. I wasn't impressed. Hoping a new one comes out sooner. I like murder, sex and drama. :) LOL.

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    Just enjoyed looking at your wedding pics! I'm getting married this year and I'm so excited! Your photos are beautiful and i love your blog because it's nice to see that 'after – i – do' is just as special as saying 'i do'!
    Love from

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