What’s in a name?

I will tell you right now: I used to hate my name. I hated it because, to me, it wasn’t spelled the right way. Krysten. I mean, really? I could never get a single cheap little thing with my name on it because it was always spelled Kristen or or Christin or something like that. I didn’t understand that having a name with a little bit of uniqueness could be a good thing.

However, despite not liking my own name, I had this obsession with other names that were unique. I think that comes from wanting to write fiction. One of my very favorite things when I come up with a character is their NAME. Coming up with the perfect name has stuck with me for forever.

Which means that now that I am married (and possibly even before) I have thought about what I want to name my future kids. I mean, come up with the wrong name and you could seriously screw up your kid (hello Little Pixie, Spec Wildhorse and Moon Unit). However, I also don’t want my kids to have the same name as every other kid in their class (my brother, Ryan, got to deal with that a lot).

Dustin and I discuss names for our future kids quite often. We always say we’ll have a son and a daughter (mostly because we both come from 2 sibling families where there is one boy and one girl) so generally we discuss one girl name and one boy name.

We have two chosen. And I just realized that our children are pretty much named after Twilight, which is kind of depressing.

Esme Sophia
Cullen Wade

WHAT!? How did that happen!? It’s not like we meant for it to happen. But I have always loved the name Esme. And then the name Cullen came up and I just fell in love. Until I realize if we truly DO have one of each we will totally be pegged at that weird couple that names their kids after a book. A teenybopper, trendy book! Oh my gosh.

My only two hopes are that A) We’ll get over one of those names or B) By the time we start having kids Twilight will be some sort of distant memory (I’m sure Stephenie Meyer is hoping for the former).

Or maybe I should stop worrying until I actually decided to start working towards having a kid?

More soon.



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    oh darling! this post made me smile, Im not sure if Twilight will be a distant memory any time soon… Love the names though! and at the end of the day, you love these names and who cares what other people think! Love Esme, is so sweet

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    I love the name Esme too. Though with all the Twilight craziness you might not end up with the original name you think you are getting. There might be more than one in the class! You might also change your mind. J's sister is Kathleen. For 9 months his mother was determined to name her Erin. She took one look at her in the hospital and said "Nope, not Erin. Kathleen." So you never know.

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    Even IF you were prego today.. you'd still have 9 months to come up with some you might like better.

    BUT… don't worry about the names being part of a novel; people like me, who have never seen or read any of it.. would never know!

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    I love the name Cullen theres a boy who goes to my church named that and he is so cute (I'm pretty sure it's after Twilight too!) I never got to buy those cheap things with my name on it either they don't really make ones that say Staley on them!

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    I had "Bella" pegged as my future girl name, but thought the same thing. Plus its ultra popular right now. I'm no where near having kids so i'm sure i'll change more often then not.. but I have a name I love now.. but this little gem i'm keeping to myself.. because somehow if I release it.. it'll be the name of the next big super star and i'll have to change AGAIN!

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    I think the names are awesome. And honestly? Who cares. :)

    I'm named after a Fleetwood Mac song. I named Olivia after one of the detectives in a Law & Order show. (Seriously- LOVED that name the first time I heard it) and named Jackson that because I liked Jack. But then I didn't want to be plain loser jane so I named him Jackson. But we call him Jack Jack (The Incredibles..anyone??) and that suites him best. :)

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    Oh Krysten- i feel you pain on the name issue! No little things with names on it has Alyssa. I have seen ONE thing in my whole life, it was a little bike rego plate thing. Its still hanging in my room :)

    Now dearest although the names are incredibly cute…. you cannot name them after twilight haha. BUT if you did im sure you would be able to find PLENTY of things with their names on it… so maybe it is a good idea!

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    i love weird names! i mean my boyfriend is Dannon. he gets sick of saying, "yes, like the yogurt," but i don't think he was ever made fun of much. actually, the coolest people i know all have weird names {like north dakota and uni}. and i LOVE the name esme! what a beautiful name. i had no idea it's from the twilight books. was that bad to confess?… anyhow, i think the twilight stuff will die down in a couple years. these things always do. so keep it if you love it!

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    Oh my gosh! I totally had the same issues when trying to name Sophia! Having the name, Chana (pronounced Shayna) has been an issue my whole life! I didn't want Sophia to suffer with having to correct everyone like I did! And no adorable pencils with my name on them like the other kids too! As far as your names..I LOVE THEM! But…I also am obsessed with Twilight:) Seriously. Cute names! Who cares?! Now..get to making those babies and join us! Haha!

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    My parents named me Amy Beth after the characters in Little Women. Of course no one knew that since it wasn't super well read at the time. At school it was awful, you couldn't walk 2 feet back in the
    80's without someone yelling Amy and 30 girls turning around.
    I love Esme, I like the idea of an unusual name that's a real name, for a person not a fruit or an object.

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    Ah, yes. When I was little, I'd love getting stuffed animals and dolls just because I liked coming up with names for them. When I started writing stories, I'd spend hours coming up with the perfect character names (I'd even go so far as thinking up middle names and nicknames, even if they were never used…). I don't know if I'd ever be able to decide on a name for a child!

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    Hahaha! I love it. You could always switch Cullen to Cullin. Maybe one day it will be like naming your child Scarlett, from Gone with the wind? Okay you're right. Probably not.

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    I love love love those names!! and totally get what you mean about the whole unique name thing. Try going through life as a kid with the name Rhiannon hahaha now I love it but it wasn't always that way. I love your unique name :) xx

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    Haha! A great post :) I've always hated my given name – and like you, my favourite part of planning a story is working out the names of my characters!

    And don't worry about the Twilight thing – when you eventually meet your child for the first time, you'll know what name feels right :)

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    I've always hated my uncommon name because
    a. people can NEVER pronounce it right
    b. I could never find stuff with my name it like those little license plate keychains or things similar.

    I love the names you picked out. So cute. I'm sure by the time you had BOTH kids…Twilight won't be such a craze and people wouldn't think twice about it. Just don't spell your kid's names weird. That's torture. Like I know a girl naming her baby Shelly, but spelling it xelly. Ya good luck to that girl.

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    I LOVE sophia! Its good that your middle names are at least common because my parents gave me a horrible 1st name that not even I can prounce! Lol so I use my middle name Nicole :) The Bf have had our names picked from day 1!

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    I can totally relate! I am name obsessed. Every time someone has a baby I just want to know what they named it.

    My husband and I now have names for four non-existant children. The boys were easy, the girls were hard.

    Middle names is a whole other story. I love middle names, he doesn't see the need. I guess this fight will continue until we actually HAVE a baby. lol

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    ha ha ha ha ha that's hilarious! I am sorry this has come up. That could be quite the problem… see if this whole twilight thing blows over… Are you going to have kids soon? Uh…. wait if yes.


    P.S. Make sure you enter my Argentine Shoe GIVEAWAY!

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    I have always loved the name Isabella, and now twilight has ruined it for me :(

    But i think you should start working towards a baby now and worry about the names later! 😉

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    i think they are both great names..who cares if they are from a book :) i know what you mean though about never being able to find a cheap plastic souvenier with your name on it! when i was little, chloe was not a popular name and i hated it because all my friends were named jessica, and brittany and there were like ten of them and they could always buy things with thier names on it. now i like that my name isn't as common. it is becoming more common, but that's a younger generation so i feel like it's okay :)

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    What a funny coincidence! I do really love those names too, especially Esme Sophia. Even though I am nowhere near having children I have always loved thinking up names.


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    I love unique names, and I can say I've never heard of your 2 picks but they're wonderful and at least people will be able to pronounce them. I've struggled with this my whole life because although my name is Alissa it's pronounced A-lee-sa which is so frustrating because everyone calls me Alyssa. So I will be sure to name my kids something pronouncable.

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    Is there something you're not telling us? (I keed!)

    I love the name Esme also. I was actually unfamiliar with it until Twilight came out and originally thought it was something that Stephanie Meyer made up until I did a little research on it. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think it would be too obvious to anyone unless you had fraternal twins.

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    Right there with you on the odd spelling first name curse – Debora here, yes, there is NO "h" at the end. Sheesh.

    Hated it growing up, had to send more than one diploma back to have my spelled right.

    And look what I did when I needed a pen name – I went and kept my real first name, because – surprise, it's different, unique and for writing romance fiction it works for me!

    I'm sure whatever you name your kids – it will be perfect!

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    ha ha! so presh. we were going to go with the name "kirra" if we had a girl as our first. everyone kept saying, "oh like shakira?" and we'd say, "no, not really!" needless to say, we changed our girl name. but your names are just too adorable… i don't know how you could possible change your mind. hopefully the twilight buzz will be over when your kids are born.

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    OOOH! I love your names! I think about my baby names ALL OF THE TIME. And on the Twilight kick – I am really starting to love Bella:)

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    The Twilight craze will probably pass. And even if it doesn't, I'm sure the majority of people won't be picking those obscure names. They'll pick Bella and Edward instead.

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    Twilight's totally here to stay. One of my coworkers has a daughter named Bella, named -before- the craze, and now she's all … sigh … hoping people don't think she's some Twilight nut!

    Then again, another coworker of mine named his son Wilder so, who knows?! (LOL!)

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    THat is seriously hilarious. hahahah, I love it!!!! I'm sorry they are so the Twilight series- if you really like them though, just do it… it will fade. That is hilarious :) I like them though!

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    Just remember…those kids will have to live with those names forever! I've got an unusual name, too (no, not Mrs. Scribe!), which I'm very proud of. Your kids will certainly be unique!

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    i had the same problem with my parents spelling my name wrong! it was always "shelly" not "shelley." but the names you picked out are awesome! i love original names!

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    We're probably going to use Edward as a middle name since it's a family name on both sides and I actually thought of using Cullen too but then it would be Cullen Edward and I figured that was too Twilighty also :) I say go with what you want!

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    haha- love the Twilight names. I also had name trauma when I was young – my name is spelt Jaime and it was always assumed that (a) I was a boy and (b) my name should have been spelled jamie! I promise to give my children easy but beautiful names! (and gender specific!)

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    Your names are beautiful. Who cares that they are in Twilight. :) I agree with having a unique name. I'm grateful that my parents named me, Season. It opens up so many conversations with people. Plus, it isn't one of those crazy unique names.

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    I love this post. I guess every married couple talks about the same stuff. Collin and I have baby names picked out as well… well, only for a boy because i think it's hard to come up with the perfect name for a girl.

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    Aww, that is so funny. I am chuckling too. I am secretly hoping for the latter. I am really not a fan of Twilight. People can like what they like… I'm no avid Twilight hater or anything. I just wouldn't really mind if the entire thing blew over. That's all. I do like those names, too. I also love the name Alice.

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    These names are great and who cares about Twilight, they are just names and they are very nice names! Yes, as time goes on you may change your mind anyway, but this is a good start.

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    I think those names are lovely. And if you like them, and your hubby likes them, that's what matters.

    We named our little boy Sawyer, after Sawyer from LOST. I think it is a fabulous name. And his middle name is Digory, after Digory in the first Narnia book, The Magician's Nephew. It's cool to have kids with literary names!

    I haven't been by your blog in awhile, and I'm not sure if I've ever commented here, but just wanted to say it's a lovely little corner of the blogosphere and I enjoy your writing very much.


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