Summer Girls

Oh my gosh.

Does anyone else remember this song or this video?



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    Hell YEAH!!! In fact, I'm in the process of putting music on my iPod right now and I found this CD in the stack (well actually this song was on some sort of NOW! Music mix or something like that…but it's totally on my computer AND my iPod!!) Such a rockin' song! Chinese food makes me sick…hahaha…

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    Oh my. Girl- I'm embarrassed for you. :) This song is so incredibly awful- I mean truly awful. And if that guy bites his lip one more time I'm going to call him Krisen Stewart.

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    OH MAN… I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch…! Yeah LFO!! Haha! ♡ That song reminds me of my first year at college, because it was eeeeverywhere…

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    Umm I definitely do because LFO is from Long Island where I grew up. MY friend called up the radio station and asked one of them out and he said yes! How random is that? Oh LFO such good memories.

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    Ohmigosh I was OBSESSED with that song. And…I wanted to marry Rich. Though I recently heard that Rich had leukemia, I believe. I felt horrible to hear that; he was extremely talented. :(

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    Ohh yes! I even had the single on CD but I preferred their 'Girl on TV' song, which I also had on CD! They weren't too bad at singing, or so I thought halfway through high school.

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    oh my gosh, YES! hahaha, this song sucks so bad… and yet, i can't help but love it a little bit. 😉 probably because it came out during such a fun time in my life – i'm getting all kinds of flashbacks now!! thanks for posting this, i needed a smile. :)

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    um heck yes!!!

    i wasn't a big fan of this song but i LOOOOOVED and still loved girl on tv. you know, the one that was based on jennifer love hewitt.

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    HAHA I loved this song when it was popular but listening to the lyrics its just like WHAT. Sounds like all he did was make things rhyme–even if they don't make sense. Hilarious.

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    Oh my golly gosh! I adore this song. I actually pull out my LFO CD's every year at the start of summer. Needless to day, they are coming out soon. Oh memories :) <3

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