Lovely Sunday

Wow. So yesterday was a pretty great day all in all.

But first, for those of you that didn’t read yesterday’s answers from Formspring, yes, I sort of have a new job. It doesn’t pay a lot or anything (which means I am still missing out on my daily lattes, so sad) but it IS paying something, which means technically I am being paid to write. I am now Examiner Milwaukee Coffeeshop Examiner. I’ve written two articles so far and for me it’s all very exciting. So if you like coffee at all, go check out my articles. And if you like ME at all (hint hint) become a subscriber and/or leave a comment! I promise to love you forever!

Anyway, because of this, yesterday I decided to head to the Hudson Dunn Bros. where my sister in law works. She’s a roaster there (I still can’t get over how cool it is that DB’s does their own roasting in each of their stores – that’s a good way to get very fresh coffee) and I wanted to see how the roasting process works. So Dustin and I scored some free drinks (thanks Taryn!) and watched her roast a couple of batches. And seriously, if you live near a Dunn Bros. you should definitely stop in and check out the process, it’s really interesting (especially if you’re coffee obsessed like me).

Afterwards, Taryn came by our places to grill hot dogs and have lunch/dinner (we ate around 3:30 in the afternoon, lol).

So Sunday was a good day.

Oh and on Saturday we took Monte in to the vet for his yearly healthy exam. Of course Monte is doing AWESOME. It was crazy though, because when we went in this guy was there with his saint bernard. The dog was around the same size as Monte but, of course, HUGE. He could have had Monte as a snack, lol. Then, as we were leaving this woman came out of one of the rooms with three beagles. Of course, they all went nuts when they saw Monte, and if you’ve ever heard one beagle bark, you know that three of them would be crazy loud. Poor Monte didn’t know what to do with himself!

Anyway, off to work on school stuff. More soon!



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    Awesome! So glad you are doing something… and something you love! way to go!

    I should go see the roasting process sometime… it bet it would be sweet!

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    Yayay! Congratulations on becoming Examiner Milwaukee Coffeeshop Examiner, Krysten – how exciting!

    And I'm so glad to hear that Monte received a clean bill of health! Two things to celebrate!! :)

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    Congrats! I subscribed yesterday :) I love all things coffee! Maybe you can write an article on how to use my damn espresso machine! Lol Glad u had a good weekend hope your week is just as good :)

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    I don't like coffee, but the smell is enough to lure me into any coffee shop! And how wonderful that you're writing — I'm sure your articles have been lovely! xo

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