It Was A Good Weekend

Some MORE big changes for my little blog.

After reading the SITS blog on Saturday and realizing how cheap it is to get your own web domain (only $10 a YEAR) I decided it was about time to own my domain. So welcome to! How exciting is that? It feels pretty darn amazing! Now, for those of you that already have my button proudly displayed on your blogs (and thank you, by the way!), please make sure to change the web address to my new one. And for those that DON’T have my button – well, why the heck not??

I now have FIVE sponsors, how exciting is that? So please look to the left and check out each of their stores. And look forward to some pretty fantastic giveaways (yes, PLURAL) in the near future.

This weekend was pretty great. We watched some amazing baseball (even though the Twins did lose yesterday it was still a good game), at candy (yay for Jelly Bellies and Werther’s) and watched some movies (Transformers 2 and Zoolander). Oh AND I took my math quiz, which I was a little nervous about, and it was SO EASY. So far, so good. I am rockin’ as far as school goes.

Right now I am just trying to take things one day at a time. And here is hoping this next week is great – one day at a time.



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    It definitely sounds like a great weekend! Hooray for new domain names!

    And congratulations on all your sponsors. That's so great! Maybe one day someone will want to sponsor my silliness too. :)

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    One day at a time is a perfect motto, that all we can do! I read that sits thing too! I want my own domain but someone took it! So now I have to get all creative and crap lol anyway congrats on all this blog world success :) can't wait to see what goodies you have in store to giveaway! Happy Monday.

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    Wow that's really exciting. I didn't realize it was an easy process. Maybe I'll consider it in the near future. How do you get sponsors?

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    Woah, this is awesome! I might have to do this! Is it easy to do, and is the design the same?
    I'm glad to hear things are picking up for you
    P.s, enter my giveaway!
    Love, Ruth

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    hooray!!! i'm so happy things are going so well for you right now. you deserve it! and zoolander is one of my top favorite movies of all time. that hansel is so hot right now! :)

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    i was designing a blog for a friend last year who wanted a custom domain and i couldn't believe it was $10!! TEN. that's so insanely inexpensive! i've been meaning to get a domain for for me, too, you've just reminded me! 😉

    oh zoolander… never fails to crack me up. :)

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    I've been thinking about going the .com route, too. And we're also baseball fans. Totally watched our Washington Nationals wipe the field with the Brewers on Friday and Saturday. But the Brew Crew came back big on Sunday, with 10 runs scored in the 1st!

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    Yay for the domain! I'm planning on switching to my own domain this summer when I have more time to play around with everything.

    You're a Big Girl Blogger now! 😉

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    I bought my domain yesterday after reading your post! I always avoided it because I thought it was too expensive – I had never even bothered to look through blogspot. Thank you!

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