Fill In The Blank with PICTURES!

The lovely Liz over at SRSLYLIZ did a cute little fill in the blank with pictures! And it was just so darn cute that I totally had to join in. Enjoy!

1. Favorite hobby?Wring, of course. Although I do it with a computer most often.

2. Favorite tv show?I adore this show. I see a lot of myself in Erica. And her clothes are amazing.

3. Favorite restaurant food?Mmm steak. Although I prefer mine with mashed potatoes. But fries are good too.

4. Favorite thing to shop for?
BOOKS! I could spend HOURS in a bookstore. I love them. And they always fit just right.

5. Favorite animal?Dogs. Especially MY dog.

6. Favorite song?Right now it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll by Eric Hutchinson.

7. Favorite word?Duh.

8. Recent favorite youtube video?

Actually, this was always my favorite eBaum’s World video. But it’s on YouTube also.

9. Favorite movie?
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Because he’s a righteous dude.

10. Favorite childhood memory?

Camping in the Wisconsin Dells at Jellystone Park.

Now go ahead, copy this. You know you want to!



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    haha i'm there with the writing(although a lot of it is me dreaming of being a writer), books (lol about them always fitting), and Ferris B's day off is one of those moviesthat you can watch over and over, in fact i recently introduced a friend who is a lot younger than me to the joy that was the 80's movie collection :)

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    Yayay! Eric Hutchinson is one of my favorite artists – love him! And "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." I haven't watched that movie in years. Maybe I should make time to do so today!! :)

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    I just started my morning blog catchup and you are the second person so far to mention steak. I think that this is a sign of what I must eat later. I LOVE a good steak!!

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    What a cool way to express your fav's! I love this! We totally went to Wisconsin Dells all the time as kids and I loved that park!

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    i would have to say that my favorite word is "duh" too! LOL

    oh, and i could watch "ferris bueller's day off" over and over. i had a crush on him when i was a kid!

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    I saw your comment on Lauren's Fill-In The Blank, and I just had to say, I LOVED little monsters as a kid! But it seems like no one else (of my friends) ever saw it, so I never talked about it and it's sort of lost in a foggy memory now. I wonder what it would be like to see it again!

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    LOVE Being Erica-I don't know anyone else, other than you, that watches it.
    I also used to adore bookstores-almost as much as I love shoes-but then I got a Kindle and they're not as fun now.

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    Books are my weakness. The picture you used to represent this shows how I feel in a bookstore…taking a downward path further into the awesomeness of the store.

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