My back is seriously killing me these days.
I think it’s partially because of the car accident I was in back in 2008.
And partially because I have not so great posture.

Whatever the reason, I’m really not in the mood to write.
I hope you’ll understand.

Got a question?
Anything at all?
Ask away.



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    well… I just started working out again and i'm officialy in pain. Not in my back but EVERY where else… so i'm feelin' your pain today! :)

    Hope you feel better!

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    Oh man. I fell at Jay Cooke Park on a patch of ice- landed RIGHT on my ass/tailbone. To this day I am positive I seriously injured it because once in awhile I can barely move. And sitting on the floor? Not always smart.

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    Feel better soon! You should look up some easy back exercises. As you strengthen your back muscles I'm sure you posture will improve and your pain will decrease. Have a pain free Friday!

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    FEEL BETTER girlfriend :( I was in a back brace once with three fractures and totally know what you must be feeling. Relax relax relax. We will all be here when you return :)

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    OMG I am totally in the same boat! I am crossing my fingers I get in to see the chiro soon. It's so bad :(
    I find if you lay on your back to sleep it helps a little!

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    Ugh. I have noticed back issues since I've started working in our yard. Leaning over, pulling weeds, moving big rocks, etc. Plus I don't have great posture either. Feel better!

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