Sunshine Award

The wonderful Helen over at In Elegance gave me an award! Thank you so much Helen, that means a lot to me!

I’m handing off this award to 7 lovely ladies with lovely blogs. Enjoy!

Elizabeth @ E Tells Tales
Stefanie @ yeah honestly
Sara @ Sara’s Organized Chaos
Sierra @ OceanDreams
Helena @ A Diary of Lovely
Jennifer @ I’m Just A Girl
Amy @ It’s Chaotic

I also found a fun little survey and it’s kind of a boring Monday so I figured I’d have fun with that.

1. What age was the very best for you so far? This is going to sound weird but so far my favorite age has been 20. I say weird because I was going through quite a bit of relationship turmoil. However, this was my favorite because I was still young enough to not have that many worries, I was doing great in school and had fun at work and I had a lot of fun in all that year. It was a good age.
2. Did you have a “coming of age” summer? If so, how old were you? I don’t really know that I had a “coming of age” summer. Maybe the summer I was 17 when I had my first kiss. Not sure.
3. How old were you when you got boobs (or hips)? 12? I’d say right about that time was when I started to develop.
4. Who was the worst teacher you ever had, and why? Hm. Mrs. Graves. Yes, that was her name. She gave me my one and only detention EVER and it was in 7th grade for CHEWING GUM! I was always a pretty good girl and it was SO embarrassing to be in detention.
5. When you were in HS, did you have a guy you thought was “the one”? Wow. My first kiss, Ben. I was so crazy about him. Which is funny because we don’t have anything in common. Our politics weren’t similar, we felt differently about religion, he was (and still is) way too into sports. But man, it was fun kissing him. And at the time I figured that’s all you really needed.
6. How old were you the first time you had an alcoholic drink? Aside from the couple sips that my mom let me have every now and again, I’d say my first alcoholic drink was when I was 19. My boyfriend at the time came to school to take me to my Greek formal and we had a really nice hotel room. He brought a bottle of wine and we had that. It was very grown up, hehe.
7. How old were you the first time you tried a drug? I’ve never done any drugs.
8. When did you have your first kiss? Like I said before, 17.
9. What do you wish that you knew what you know now when you were younger? That life is not all about drama. There does not need to be something crazy going on in order for life to be fun. And that boys are really not worth your tears. Especially the ones that make you cry.
10. Share a random confession about your youth. When I was in high school my parents started letting me stay home for the weekend when they would leave to go to the family cabin. Even though I wasn’t supposed to, I almost always had friends over (sorry Mom and Dad). The thing is, we were never doing anything bad. We didn’t drink or do drugs or anything like that. We mostly sat around eating pizza and watching movies. Except for the time that we shut the power off and accidentally wreck all the food in my parents’ second freezer (story here) nothing horrible ever happened.



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    Thanks so much for the award, you are so sweet and I am so with you on drama, it is no fun to be a part of it! It always seems to find me though and that's no fun. 😛

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    Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Just checked out your wedding photos. I LOVE weddings. It looked like such a happy day. Photos are so gorgeous, simply stunning!!

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    I'm dropping by from SITS. Happy Monday! Like you, I never drank, smoked or did drunks in high school. I was such a responsible kid. :-)

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    I always love the question "If you knew then what you know now…" always such great advice! Thanks for visiting my blog – a little late in returning blog love, but I'm so glad I came to see yours! Renee

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    Congrats on the award!
    Haha I love that you confessed to having friends over on the weekends way back when. At least you were good and didn't have wild parties or anything.

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    oh I love this! I'd say 20 was my favorite age too. I was a Junior in college and everything was so fun. I went to Paris and London and I also met Matthew that year :)

    I was a good kid too :)

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    "There does not need to be something crazy going on in order for life to be fun. And that boys are really not worth your tears. Especially the ones that make you cry."

    Noooo kidding. I really, really wish that my seventeen year old self would have been let in on that little secret… 😉

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    Wow, it's funny but we seem to have some of the same growing-up experiences.

    The only detention, or really trouble, I ever got in school was because I drank a soda in class. And for that, my name went on the wall of shame and I sat in her class for 15 minutes during lunchtime, reading a book. Such punishment!

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    Oh my goodness…that is SOOO true. I wish that "He's Just Not That Into You" had come out (in book form…I don't think the movie would have impacted me that much) when I was in high school. SOO many tears over so many stupid boys. He's. Just. Not. That. Into. You. It really would have saved me about 3 million times over.

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