Sleeping With Beauty by Donna Kauffman

At 28, elementary school teacher Lucy Harper feels like the same wallflower she has always been despite knowing that deep down she has an inner sex goddess. She claims she’s okay with her life until the invitation for her 10 year high school reunion arrives – the same day she receives a copy of Glass Slipper Magazine arrives, offering Lucy a chance to rid herself a her “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” and find her inner sex goddess.

However, Lucy’s best friends Jana and Grady are baffled as to why she would want to make such changes. Grady especially seems to be having a hard time, and when Lucy is taken under the wing of Vivian dePalma, her very own fairy godmother, Grady and Lucy’s friendship seems to be slowly falling apart.

Soon Lucy is remade and with that comes the confidence to go to her high school reunion with her head held high. But is proving her old classmates that she’s no longer a geek and a wallflower really what she needs? Or is what she needs something that’s been under her nose all along?

Donna Kauffman’s books are the BEST beach read EVER. And this one, I believe, is so far my favorite. I love the friendships between Lucy, Jana and Grady and I LOVE the relationship that forms between Lucy and Vivian. Although I saw the ending coming practically before I ever started the book, it was such a cute read and the end left me with a happy little feeling in my heart. Plus, Lucy’s little battle scene near the end of awesome. I love when I girl can stand up for herself.

Definitely a good read!



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    I love Donna Kauffman! I've been looking for an easy-thrill book and I'll probably pick this one up!

    I like the predictability of romance novels, I have to say. So much in life is uncertain that sitting down with a book and knowing the girl is going to get the guy makes my heart happy. :)

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    Krysten, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog! It's always great to see comments from new people! I hope you stop by again soon!

    Your blog is adorable, by the way!

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