Playa del Carmen

Hi all!

Wow… how great is it to come back and see all the wonderful guest blogs and all the great comments? I feel like my little blog was so well taken care of! Thanks to all my wonderful guest bloggers once, again, you ladies were totally fabulous!

I am NOT happy to be back. It is currently 37 degrees here in River Falls, WI. When I woke up this morning it was 59 degrees in our apartment. Gross.

Playa del Carmen was amazing. I burned like crazy on the 2nd day which is BIZARRE because I never burn. I went from using SPF 15 to 30 to 50! The sun was killer, that’s for sure.

Our resort, the Royal Haciendas, gets a total A+ in my book. It was gorgeous, with great pools, a fabulous view of the ocean, and one of the best staffs I have ever experienced. Our room was actually like an apartment, with a small kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, big balcony with whirlpool and a smaller balcony.

I think my favorite part of the trip was going to Carlos and Charlie’s for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. It was HYSTERICAL! I don’t know how the staff does it, they must just go home exhausted. At one point my dad tried to order something without guacamole and our server through his pad down and walked away. Dustin and I got up and danced and did a conga line with some people. One of the servers was POLE DANCING. They were all nuts!

Anyway, we still have tons of unpacking to do and we’re tired and cold. So here are some pics to tide ya over! Enjoy!

A view of the pool and resort from our balcony.

D and the bird man in downtown Playa

D and my brother with their newly bought sombreros

Of course a foot picture

On night D and I tried to play Bullshit Pyramid. Only we didn’t realize we were playing with Pinochle cards. Epic fail.

D and me at Carlos and Charlie’s.

The boys smoking cigars on the night of St. Patty’s

We took my parents out to dinner to thank them for the trip. D and me at dinner.

Dustin and Ryan sang I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred at karaoke.

The final happy hour.

More soon!!



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    UGH, welcome back to reality! The first day back from vacay sucks! I love your pictures though. Every trip I have has a foot pic in the sand.

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    i'm so jealous! : ) but so happy you had such a grand time. i can't believe the server through his pad down! HA-HA-larious! you have such a nice tan… what a way to welcome spring! hopefully spring will show it's face at your house soon.

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    Well… I can't say "welcome back" like everyone else, because I'm near Playa! So… bye?

    We love going there on day trips… the beaches and restaurants are the best. Glad you had fun!

    P.S. How can you burn? It's kinda cold right now! 70 – 80 degrees Haha

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