Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is about to be kicked out of yet another boarding school. And that is the least of his worries. While on a field trip he is attacked by a monster that seems to have leapt from the pages of his Greek mythology book. Soon he finds out that truth, that his is, in reality, the son of a Greek god, making him a half-blood.

Percy is sent to Camp Half-Blood to learn about who he really is. And when he is accused of stealing Zeus’ lightening bolt, he is sent on a quest to find out where the bolt really is before the Greek gods start World War III. Along with his friends Grover and Annabeth, Percy sets off to figure out who the real thief is while trying to come to terms with being abandoned by a father who is really a Greek god.

This is one of the few times where I saw the movie before I read the book. I really enjoyed the movie but reading the book was something else entirely. The movie is VERY different from the book and I got SO MUCH MORE from reading than watching.

I think my favorite part of this book was all the Greek characters coming to life. I’ve always had a little thing for Greek mythology and it was fun to have the characters come to life in this novel.

I’d say if you like the Harry Potter books then you’ll probably enjoy the Percy Jackson novels. There were a few similarities between the two but I think that comes with both novels being about teenage boy heroes.

Definitely a good read, though, and I can’t wait to get into the 2nd book!



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    This sounds like a great book! I also really like Greek mythology, so I'll have to give this a try. Thanks so much for sharing the review!

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    Krysten, I totally agree with you, I prefer the tv series too, it's kind of more real (if that's even possible!) BTW, id love to have you on the My stuff, if you want to :) I was actually going to email you, let me know :) xoxo

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    I haven't read Harry Potter. I was avoiding it because I don't like the movies. But then I heard that the books were SOOOOO much better, so I'm thinking maybe I should give them a try. Then maybe this one will be next.

    My brother saw the Percy Jackson movie and really enjoyed it.

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    Hi! I popped over from Suburb Sanity…because I adored the Percy Jackson series. Maybe there should be a support group…Hi, I'm Aunt LoLo. I'm 28 years old, and I read all of the Percy Jackson books in three months. I adored them. Help? LOL

    The movie was good…but didn't capture the feeling of the books. The humor in the books was so dry..I was laughing out loud while reading. During the movie…not so much. But it was a good movie, regardless. LOL

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    I just realized you live in River Falls, WI! Oh my goodness. :) We're basically neighbors.
    I have not read this book.. Looks interesting. I'll probably watch the movie before the book, haha.

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    I've heard this book is utterly FANTASTIC. I think I'm gonna have to check it out …. as soon as I finish the other 12 books I have on my shelf. Ha!

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    ooo… my clients (who are 4th graders) talk about this book all. the. time! I actually had no idea what it was until I read this post. So thanks!!! :)

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    Hiya, thanks for the lovely comment!
    How are you?
    My younger brother wanted to see this, but i originally like "no.." and took the piss calling it "percy pig and his farmyard friends", but then was slighly hypocritical when i went to the cinema and LOVED it! Percy is quite hot too.. i ran out of the cinema slushing around in the show and splashing my boyfriend with it claiming to be a lightening theif..
    I'd love to read the books though!

    Have a great week!
    Love, Ruth

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    I've never heard of this! I loved the HP books. I could never put them down! I might have to try this series for some light summer reading!

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