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Ahhh, the weekend. Here we are folks. While we’ve been slaving away the work week, Krysten and Dustin have been enjoying sunny Mexico. I’m not bitter or anything. Seriously.
First, I want to say THANK YOU **so** much to Krysten for letting me help babysit the blog with a guest post. I have SOO much fun doing this! :)
Anyway, let’s have some fun. I’m Lindsay from {the glamorous life of a} Designer Wife. In a word, I blog about life. Mine consists of design (graphic, type, interior, fashion and jewelry to be more specific), but basically, if it’s pretty… I blog about it. In addition to that, there’s a good amount of fitness and balanced living stuff (I’m a fitness coach & consultant, as well as a fitness & bikini competitor). Other passions that get thrown in are animals, wine, film, art & culture, coffee, good food, traveling and the greater good. Yea, it’s pretty random. But enough about me. In honor of Krysten’s “After I Do” theme and her current travels, I thought I’d share a bit about traveling “After we did” – meaning after we tied the knot, as well as some of my best travel secrets (well, not so much secrets as fave planning things and websites, but secrets sounds sooo much better). Your browser may not support display of this image.The hubs and I travel a lot… a whole lot, probably about twice per month. Some of his is business, but when he has to go somewhere fun I tag along and we make the most of it (aka, I shop while he’s stuck in business meeting in San Francisco). Before we were married, we never really traveled much at all. This, my friends, all changed when I parked my butt on a sandy Jamaican beach while honeymooning. Jamaica was our first trip out of the country together (he’s traveled Europe extensively). It was bazaar though, because we didn’t really put a lot of planning in to it. Well, actually that’s a lie – we put absolutely no planning in to it whatsoever. You see, when we got engaged, I had 2 things that I wanted to take care of right of the bat –

  1. a tropical island in an ocean view suite for post wedding.
  2. an amazing photographer who would capture the day exactly as I imagined it.

The photographer I found in a matter of minutes (I had stalked her photoblog for about a year prior to the proposal). The honeymoon part, however, took just a few minutes longer. I immeditaly when nuts with Sifting through pages upon pages of reviews on resorts that covered all islands in the Caribbean became an obsession. I swear, I think that I read the ENTIRE SITE. every. single. review. I finally turned control over to a travel agent that I found out about through some awesome raves on my go-to site, The Knot. By this time, I was flipping out so bad about places booking up that I told her to just book us somewhere fabulous. We ended up at Sandals Whitehouse. It was a fairy tale.
Anyway, back to my butt being on a sandy beach. I’m working on the tan of a lifetime {God bless Caribbean sun} while hubs is covering himself in Zinc SPF 4million and laying under an umbrella the size of an elephant. Sipping on my freshly blended fruit juice, I look at pale white new husband and say “Why don’t we do this more often?” – well, it’s clear to see why HE doesn’t, but I could get used to this. Lets travel the world. Your browser may not support display of this image. It sounds silly, but this actually takes more motivation than one would think. It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day and put it off, to wait and see what the next few months are like or to wait until we can afford to take an even longer vacation, so on and so on. But now we’ve got the hang of it, and it’s the best thing ever. Traveling abroad is my favorite, but we also make a point to take several road trips and mini vacay’s in between, which is just as fabulous and fun.
I now have a “vacation planning process” in place to keep things organized and making the planning enjoyable. If you’d like to road trip it or jet set a bit more, here’s some things to get you started… Build Your Guidebooks: I use my free account to keep nice little notebooks within my “travel” notebook. Having this handy tool allows me to bookmark websites I come across, jot down quick notes and ideas, plus save pics of places that we want to visit. Any bookmarking service, such as will work just fine, but I’ve found evernote to be the best if you really like your notes neat and tidy. Within my notes, I have notebooks set up for different types of trips. A few examples I have are:

  • Adventure Travel
  • Beaches
  • Cruises
  • Road Trips
  • Fall Foliage Drives
  • Wine & Food trips
  • Sight Seeing

Research: While I do love, I’ve learned to take the reviews with a grain of salt. Some places have really bad ratings, but when you read through the reviews you learn that people are just really, really stupid. I can’t believe the amount of people that will give a resort a low rating because they had a horrible issue with an airline or transportation – things completely unrelated to the resort itself. However, it is great to read through them to note any major red flags, such as bed bugs at that one bed & breakfast we stayed. Neat. Plan it: If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a planoholic. I like to plan, it’s fun. I’m also a major geek, so using sites like TripIt make me incredibly happy. You simply email TripIt your travel plans—airline, hotel and more—it doesn’t matter where you book. TripIt will take your plans and outline them in a master itinerary for you, and they even have mobile and iPhone apps… which makes me really happy :) Map It: If you’re road tripping, it’s obvious that you’re going to need to map it. So, since you’re going to be plugging address in to google maps anyway, why not do yourself a favor and use RoadEscapes? It’s amazing. That’s all I have to say. You’ll just have to see it for yourself.
Other Goodies: If you’re looking for ideas to travel here in the states, you won’t want to miss DiscoverAmerica. It’s the official site of American tourism and they have SOOOO many great ideas if you have no idea where to start. A huge perk here is that you’re very likely to find something awesome to do within a short trip from where ever you are :)
No matter where you’re going, check out lots of great expert travel recommendations on Fodor’s and Frommer’s. Lastly, for that one stop shop on everything that you need to know before packing your bags, check out this little diddy from – you’ll want to bookmark this one :) Your browser may not support display of this image. NOW, I want to know from YOU. We all known Krysten is livin’ la vida loca south of the border right now. Tell us what your travel plans are this summer?? Me, I’m headed to the bahamas, the Hollywood Hills, the Mayan Rivera, and then one of the Saints… St. Thomas, St. Lucia… it’s hard to tell…. of course, many many road trips around the east coast will be in there as well. If you have any favorite travel tips and secrets, I’d love for you to leave them in the comments :) The world is awesome. You should see it!
Lindsay {designer wife}


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    I love to travel, and I will be checking out discoveramerica because we are planning a trip down the west coast of the USA this summer. But first it will be Berlin during Easter and in November we're attending a wedding in The Dominican Republic.

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    Hey! I don't travel a lot (lack of funds), but I do live in a vacation destination!!

    Sadly, Cancun's been pretty cold since December. I think tomorrow the fiance and I will stop by the beach for the first time in months.

    We're dying to see some of the colonial cities in central Mexico. (maybe for a late honeymoon next year)

    Hope you have fun this summer in the Riviera Maya! We'll be close :)

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    I am a planner too, esp. when it comes to travel. A few weeks ago when we were in Florida my husband said to me "well, I guess when we get home you'll start planning our next vacation."
    This summer we are going to Delaware for a family reunion.

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    I am so jealous of all your travel! that is so exciting. Right now, I live in Australia (although I am American) and too celebrate the job that I will hopefully be getting in the very near future (LIKE TOMORROW WOULDN'T BE TOO SOON PEOPLE – ahem!), My boyfriend and I want to go somewhere in Australia that I've never been…We're thinking Canberra.

    And hopefully in August, I'll be able to take a trip home to see my family in New England (with Boyfriend in tow – he's never been to the north east…)

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