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Oh my gosh this was SO much fun! Thanks to everyone who asked questions! And by the way, I am feeling LOTS better today!

Girl, no fun! Hope you feel better REALLY soon!Ask you anything: YAY FUN! 1) What is one of the craziest things you’ve ever done?2) What is your dream place to live?3) What’s your best childhood memory? 1. Hm. When my friends and I were seniors in HS we were at Target and there were these boys, sorta cute, running around being crazy. As we were leaving the boys were too, still being crazy, so we decided to follow them. It ended up in this crazy drive through our town, first us following then them. Finally we decided to meet up at McDonald’s. These were boys we didn’t know and I suppose it could have been dangerous but it ended up being a weird, hysterical story.

2. Somewhere warmer than here. Every winter Dustin and I talk about picking up and moving away because we hate winter. We have yet to do it but maybe one day.

3. It’s so hard to choose! I suppose one is my very first sleepover. We stayed up all night telling scary stories, watching movies and being absolute goofballs. It was so fun and even today I still remember what an awesome night it was. When did you lose your virginity? Do you regret it? Wow, way to change it up! I was 19. And I totally don’t regret it. While I’m not still with the person I lost it to I feel that I waited till the right time for me and it’s a good memory for me. Why did you start this blog? I’d taken about a year break from blogging when I decided to start this blog. Originally it was to chronicle my year planning our wedding (and if you go back through my archives you can still read those entries). Once we were married it turned into a life blog! What is the worst thing you’ve ever done? The very worst? I have no idea. I know I’ve done some not so awesome things in my life. Screwing up school so that I’m to the point where I almost feel as if I should just totally start over. Breaking ties with friends that I miss dearly. Telling my parents I hate them when I was younger. Those are 3 that pop into my mind. Tell us about an embarrassing moment. Hm. I’m horrible at this question. I don’t know what it is but I guess I just don’t end up in embarrassing situations. If I think of one I’ll let ya know! Tell us about your first kiss ever? I was 17 (late bloomer, I know). I’d been chatting with a boy I met through Youth in Government that I was SO into. He came to visit me one day (he lived an hour away) and it was only the 2nd time we’d seen each other since YIG (which had been about 6 months previous). We were hanging out in my room talking and I was SO nervous. At one point he sat down on my desk and I sat next to him and the next thing I knew we were kissing. It was a PERFECT first kiss. When you are feeling sick what is your favorite thing to drink? ORANGE JUICE! I love love orange juice when I am sick, something I’ve been drinking a lot of over the last few days. If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? Pay off debt, buy a house, take my friends and family on an awesome vacation, put some of it away for my future kids, donate some to cancer research and AIDS research… I could go on. What’s your favorite date night activity? Movies. Dustin and I are HUGE into movies, both watching at home and going to the movies. It’s one of our favorite things to do together. What is your favorite vegetable? I’d probably have to say carrots although there are some very close contenders. If you were a leprechaun with special powers, what would your name and special power be? Oh WOW. I have absolutely no idea what my name would be. As for special power? I’d love to be able to read minds. But turn that power off when need be. What’s your fave thing about being married? How would you describe your sense of style? 1. Definitely knowing that I get to go through my life with Dustin by my side. It’s a really comforting thought.

2. Well lately I just wear around the house clothes since I’m not working. However, generally my sense of style would be laid back with a touch of girly girl. I love wearing things that are lacy and sweet looking. What’s your idea of the perfect day? Hm. Spending it with my favorite people, maybe at an amusement park where the lines are SHORT, then off to dinner at a really awesome Italian or Mexican restaurant, then finally back to someone’s place for board games. Maybe not the most interesting but I think it’d be fun! Are you searching for a job right now? If so, what kind of job do you want? YES. I have filled out a ZILLION applications, called places back, etc. And no one is hiring. At this point I’ll basically take anything that is willing to pay me money. So… if you know of anything, LET ME KNOW! What kind of car do you drive?What day of the week makes you smile the most?Who do you call when you need a pick-me-up?Do you follow a ‘budget’?Do you hit the ‘snooze’ button or jump out of bed?What kind of vacuum do you own?I can’t wait to do this! 1. A 2005 Kia Amanti.

2. Probably Friday. Which I know is weird but it’s the day when you have the ENTIRE weekend to look forward to!

3. My mom. She always makes me smile and makes me feel better by the end of the phone call.

4. We are currently trying to follow one. It’s hard to get on a track where you’re constantly following it but we’re trying!

5. I’m one of those people that jumps right out of bed, no matter how tired I am.

6. A Eureka Altima. Sounds kind of like a car, huh? Ask me anything


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    If you won the lotto I'd like to go on vacay with ya. I'll even do your grocery shopping for a month! :)

    And I LOVE orange juice. I don't like pulp though so I usually buy the Tropicana no pulp in bulk sizes. heehee…

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    Move to California! It's warm here… well, not in San Francisco where I am currently, but there are lots of warm places down in SoCal. 😉

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    oh I love getting to know you better! I had my first kiss at 16 so I was a little bit of a late bloomer too (all my friends had there's at 12)

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    Awwwww I loved reading about your first kiss, so cute! Made me think of my own! I also loved reading through this post and getting to know you a little better 😉

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    You were in Youth & Govt too??? AHHH! I totally chaperone our annual trip each year!

    And you and I sound like we would have been friends in HS – we used to meet random boys all of the time!

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    What a fun post! I too HATE winter, and keep trying to talk my husband into moving to Cali, he would never move away from his family though. Perhaps one day we can get a second home there :)
    Oh, I just love all my memories of slumber parties. SOOO much fun!
    I was sick to over the weekend and just barely starting to feel better. No fun :(

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    Seriously, Krysten?? You jump right out of bed? That is so impressive. I totally agree – it's hard to really get "dressed" when you're at home. Most of the time I realize I've just spent most of my "work day" in my PJ's! But I love some girly girl in my wardrobe. And isn't that the best?? Knowing that you're married to the best friend and you have the rest of your lives together? It's like a big weight has been lifted. Truly the most awesome feeling! I hope you start feeling better soon!! OJ and Emergen C are always the way to go.

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