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I am still slowly but surely getting packed. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions and letting me know that I’m not alone! I also forgot to mention that I have a hard time with BOOKS. If I’m gone on vacation, especially somewhere where I’ll be chilling by a pool a lot, I tend to read A LOT. Which means I have to pack a few books. Yikes. You can’t take me anywhere.

Has anyone caught The Marriage Ref on TV yet? That show is AWESOME! Dustin and I watched last night and were totally cracking up. If you haven’t seen it yet you should. You’ll laugh, I promise.

Now, my friend Lauren over at the little things we do does a fill in the blank Friday and I’m playing along this week. So check her out if you want to play too and have a good weekend all!

1. One thing I MUST do before I die is Be published. Somehow, some way I would love to have SOMETHING that I write published. It has been a dream of mine for a long time and I’d love to make that dream come true before I die.
2. I would rather work than be in school (I know, I know) any day.
3. If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be STOP WORRYING SO MUCH ABOUT BOYS! They are SO not worth your time and eventually you will wind up with a wonderful guy who treats you great! Just wait for him!
4. If I won the lottery tomorrow I’d Freak out just a little bit. Then I’d go looking for a house IMMEDIATELY and get the heck away from this apartment. I’d also put a punch into savings for my future kids and not worrying about finding a job. Oh, and shopping for clothes. I would buy new clothes.
5. The best surprise ever was When Dustin proposed.
6. My biggest fault is My tempter. I tend to lose it easily over silly things and then later I feel like an idiot for losing it.

7. My biggest strength is My loyalty to my friends and family. If you are someone I care about I will have your back until the very end.



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    Loyalty is important…for sure! :) And yay…just imagine we'd be holding a debit card with like 20,000 bucks on it and we'd buy clothes with that. :) Just 5,000 would be great, but imagine more because when you win a lottery it better be a million or more. LOL 😉

    Happy Friday.


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    I'd rather work than go to school any day too which is terrible because I have 2 more years of school left! I haven't seen the marriage ref but all the previews look really funny!

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    I have a bit of a temper too, I'm a typical Gemini, one minute I can be happy and chatty, then the next I can be irritable and quiet. It's hard keeping up with me, but my friends know me by now.

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    Don't give up the dream of being published – write everyday toward your goal to perfect the craft!

    As far as books for your vacation – how 'bout e-books? I never thought I get used to reading on those e-readers, but I was wrong! I love being able to always have something to read with me – and a variety to choose from to suit my mood of the moment.

    You can even get the free kindle app on the iTouch/iPhone – so you can download books in a flash.

    Have a great weekend! :)

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    Don't give up on your dream! You can do it!I would give my younger self the same advice… heck I should give my single self that advice now!!

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    I *love* your answer to #3. I think that's the same for just about every girl. I wish I could go back and tell myself to worry more about hanging out with girl friends then obsessing over boys.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

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    Working is so much more fun than going to school…that's for sure! But I do miss spring breaks and ditching classes sometimes.

    I saw Marriage Ref last night and it was sort of funny but I didn't really like it. I think it's because I had high expectations for the show.

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    The Marriage Ref? Eh…I found it not so funny. I couldn't believe Tina Fey talking about getting men to shut up by giving them "shnookie." Seemed really out of character to me.

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    Your friends are lucky to have you and I too struggle with my anger sometimes, it is hard to stay patient and keep it under wraps without being selfish!

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