The Boys Are Back in Town by Christopher Golden

This novel is the story of Will James, a journalist whose career has stalled because of his interest in the supernatural. He’s returning home for his 10 year high school reunion and at first the exitement of the weekend makes Will forget about his current career issues. However, suddenly Will’s memories from high school start to differ from his old friends. And when someone that he just emailed the week before suddenly ends up dead – and they supposedly died in high school – Will is thrown into a mystery that is absolutely terrifying. If he doesn’t figure out what’s going on soon, his life as well as all of his friends could be altered forever. Not to mention their memories of their old past being completely erased.

I happened on this book in the library and it sounded kind of interesting. Honestly, I was looking for something that wasn’t another chick lit book.

Christopher Golden has a really interesting writing style and very quickly I found myself wondering what I would do if I was in Will’s position. The idea of Will’s reality suddenly changing was really scary, especially considering what appeared in its place.

The best part about this book is that you truly have no idea what’s going to happen until the very end. Where some books I can guess the ending right away, this one left me with my mouth hanging open.

I’d definitely recommend it and I can’t wait to check out more of Christopher Golden’s books.



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    I've never heard of this guy. I'm putting it on my list because once I finish this one for the book club, it's bone dry in the book pile. That's all sad. Thanks!

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    I love when you do book reviews. I am going to have to add this to my massive book pile also. At this rate, I have enough reading material to last me until 2015. :)

    Great write up!

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    Sounds like a good book! I've been looking for something to read that has an interesting and more unexpected plot, and this might just be it.


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