Ask Me Anything

Hello all.My throat is sore and my head is foggy.
Needless to say, the creative juices are not flowing.

So I’ve decided to jump on the formspring bandwagon.

And I do mean ANYTHING.

I’ll be back soon.



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    Feel better soon!

    PS Yes we all saw him picking Vienna coming. What he sees in her nobody will ever know.

    Even though Jason & Molly want to make me gag (even as much as Jillian & Ed…ah I see a trend here) I will still watch their wedding. Reality tv is a sickness :) Why have the past few seasons of bachelor/bachelorette ended crappy? Boo to that.

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    Oh no! I hope you feel better really really soon. In the meantime, do something you can only do when you're sick… like have an all-day movie marathon or have people wait on you.

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    hey doll, I hope you feel better. Thanks so much for the comments on my boudoir photos! You should definitely do it! It's worth it just to see your man's reaction!


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    Hope you feel better soon. Maybe some Girl Scout cookies would help?!?! Send Dustin out to a local Walgreens; we always catch the Girl Scouts pushing their crackies–er, cookies–there! :-)

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