Ugh. Yesterday was not such a great day. I wasn’t feeling was, I was congested and gross feeling. Not fun. Which means I pretty much slept, took cough syrup (yuck yuck yuck) and tried to get rid of my headache.

And now this morning I was awake at 5AM because I am still stuffed up. Kill me!

However, then Taryn put the pictures up from the party on Saturday and I laughed my butt off. Seriously. My butt is GONE. I know.

Check these babies out.

More soon!



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    can i just say that you are gorgeous and your hair is making me seriousy jealous right now?

    ok, cause it is.

    oh…and also….i'm having writers block for out blog. i need to get on that.

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    Hahaha awesome party pics! It looks like you guys had such a great time.

    I, too, love your bangs and wish that when I got bangs they looked as good. (But alas they do not.)

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    I'm going to say it again for the 80th time but I love your hair! It's SO shiny! I wish my hair did that.

    Anyway, it looks like you guys had a great time!! I love getting together with a big group of friends and causing trouble. 😀

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