Paranormal Activity

I believe in ghosts. And poltergeists. And all that paranormal activity. I have since I was little. It used to be more of a fascination with scary stories and scary movies. But as I’ve gotten older I just feel like there are too many things that go unexplained for me to believe otherwise. I guess I’m someone who thinks that unless you can prove that it’s NOT real, I believe.

Last night Dustin and I watched the movie Paranormal Activity. And yes, I realize the movie isn’t real. Just like, yes, I know Blair Witch wasn’t real either. However, I believe that things like this could really happen.

And anyway, it movie was scary. It starts with this couple and they’re obviously in love and they’re talking about this little haunting problem they have. The guy obviously thinks it’s more of a joke than the girl does and he wants to videotape them so that they can see or hear if there’s anything weird going on.

Most of the haunting happens at night and at first it’s small noises and what not. But as they continue with the taping it gets weirder and weirder. They invite a psychic over and he tells them that it could either be a ghost or a demon and that from what it sounds like, they’re in the hands of a demon. The girl reveals that she believes she has been haunted since she was a little girl and that at one point her family’s house even burned down and they never figured out how it happened.

Anyway. By twenty minutes into the movie I was a little freaked out. By halfway through I was begging Dustin to sit next to me. And by the end I’d turned the lights on and was hiding behind Dustin.

I know it’s dorky. And the sane part of me knows it’s just a movie. But, you see, I believe in these things. I believe that people can be haunted. And oh my gosh I’m sorry but the end of that movie was SCARY!

And now I’m worried that when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom I’m going to be petrified to get out of bed. Because what if a ghost is waiting in the bathroom to kill me?



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    I always feel dumb for admitting this- but I totally believe in those things too. So thanks for this post! I'm not alone! haha. I might have to watch that movie now :)

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    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only adult completely freaked out by movies. When I was 21 I became convinced that maybe Linda Hamilton was the only one who wasn't insane, and what if people who 'see' aliens are really in the know??
    The sixth sense is what really set me off – I had nightmares for a week after, like I hadn't had since I was a kid. I couldn't sleep without a light on and always felt like something was around the corner, waiting to come in and get me! Ack!!

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    i hate hate hate scary movies!! i freak myself out so bad its beyond embarrassing. i told my husband i could not watch this movie, and thankfully he hasnt made me (yet). and i believe in ghosts and stuff too. i think where i work is haunted! yikes!

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    Lol and THAT is why I dont watch scary movies! if I did you better believe the BF would be making my trips to the bathroom with me!!! =D

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    I believe in all that jazz as well. My mother got me into it. She actually goes "ghost chasing" with this local group. It's intense. I'm not all about that, but I do believe there are things out there that we can't explain.

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    I totally believe in ghosts. My parents moved us into a century old farm house when I was 7 years old. In the earlier 1900's, a woman named Hannah died some horrible death inside the house (I forget the details, but it was gruesome). Anyways, strange things were constantly happening in the house, and we're convinced they were Hannah's doing. Once we started remodeling "her" house, it got way worse. One night I woke up, and my entertainment console was rolling across my bedroom. I spent the next 4 nights on my parent's floor. So yeah, I believe!

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    Yeah, I stopped watching scary movies when I started living alone. It's especially worse with pets and a very active imagination. I get freaked out easily if my kitty makes some weird noise in another part of the house – eek! Scary movies just make that a million times worse. Oh and who is logical in the middle of the night? Of course, waking up to strange noises at night are even scarier! Ah!

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    Oh my goodness I HATE scary movies! I'm such a scaredy (spelling?) cat… I was got a little frightened just reading this post! haha

    Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for thinking of my cousin. Your thoughtfulness means a lot!

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    that movie scared the crap outta me!

    all i can suggest is carry your phone at all times! i always think that if i have light then a ghost cannot attack me… so carry your phone, make it shine light in any dark places. then the ghosts have to stay away! :)

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    I feel the same way as you – I haven't been proven otherwise… I recently watched it & was a little freaked (Blair witch is one of my favorites b/c it just seems so real to me – being out in the woods… I love scary movies)

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    I also believe in all things paranormal. And I LOVE scary movies. However, I found the movie to be really disappointing. I really wanted to be scared, but what I ended up being was annoyed by the woman. She just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because I had heard so much hype about it…I don't know. I was just disappointed. However, my stomach did drop during the last scene and when I watched the alternate ending.

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    ha ha, I always feel this way after watching a movie too. Whenever I watch a ghost film or ax murderer I always have to check my surroundings twice before I head to bed. Watch out for the monsters or ghosts! 😉

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    I don't really believe in that kind of stuff but if you do, I can see how that movie would totally freak you out! I actually didn't think it was too scary…just creepy & weird. Weird stuff happens sometimes though, some is harder to believe than others.

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