Life With Dustin #5

First off, I am so happy everyone is loving these Dustin stories. He’s one of those people that is disgustingly likable in person. Every day may not be perfect and we may not always like each other very much but we always love each other. And as cliche as it may sound, Dustin is my best friend.

Second, I’ve been noticing a lot of guest blogging lately and I think I might want to jump on the bandwagon! Dustin and I, along with my side of the family, are going on a family vacation to Playa del Carmen next month. We’re SO flippin’ excited, we need this vacation BADLY! Anyway, I’d love to have some “babysitters” for After ‘I Do’ while we’re going. This is how I’d like it to work:

  • We will be gone from Saturday March 13th to Saturday March 20th
  • I’d like to have a guest blogger for each day, Saturday through Saturday
  • Rather than me ask, I’d love to just have people volunteer to me for a spot
  • You can blog about whatever you’d like, as long as you mention how much you’re missing me, of course
So. If you’d like to guest blog on After ‘I Do’ please e-mail me at and we’ll chat about it! I’d love love to have someone people for each day! Help a lady out!

And now for…

Life With Dustin
Post #5

My relationship with Dustin has been my longest. This July we’ll have been together for 5 years. For me, that is INSANE. Because before Dustin my longest relationship was 4 months. And before me Dustin’s longest was 6 months.

Needless to say that when we made it to our first year we were pretty darn excited. We took Saturday and Sunday off that weekend and made our way to Minneapolis. And it was awesome! We stayed at The Marquette in Minneapolis, had dinner at Famous Dave’s (their cornbread muffins are to DIE for) and then played around at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden (well known for it’s giant spoon and cherry).

This is going to get a little mushy and I apologize. But I used to fear that I would end up alone. I will admit that I can sometimes be very difficult to live with. I’m not sure I even realized that first year that what Dustin and I have is incredibly special. Our first year together showed me that I don’t need to fight to make the relationship interesting, that I can be completely myself and be loved, that I am in love with a totally crazy but sweet man.

And I am damn lucky to have him.



  1. says

    I don't have access to my other email right now, but you can expect one for me later. I'd love to do one of the later days that you guys are gone if it's still available! :)

    Everything about your relationship reminds me of M and I. I am a pain in the ass to get along with too and I always feared that I would end up alone. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to find someone that loves me the way that M does. It's the best feeling in the world. You guys are such an amazing couple and I've really enjoyed reading all these this week.

  2. says

    Y'know how I'm a sucker for a happy ending!!! When it's right…it's just right. And everyone before is just a distant memory!

    Mexico should be FABULOUS!!! We are currently planning our trip to Hawaii. My pale pasty skin is ITCHING for a vacation!

    I'll email you now about guest blogging….

  3. says

    OMG. So freakin cute! And cool picture! Your vacation sounds like a lot of fun. Yay!
    Oh and thank you for the lovely comment! It means a lot to me! :)

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