Life With Dustin #3

Well, Lost definitely delivered. I am still as confused as ever. I won’t say anything for those who haven’t watched yet. But it’s going to be a very long season of wrapping things up, that’s for sure!

I am so excited for this weekend. Not because we have a ton going on but because we’re switching banks. Which may not sound uber exciting but for about the last 6 months we’ve been having major issues with Wells Fargo. Which makes me sad. I’ve banked with them since 2002 and I’ve never had a problem with them. Suddenly, we get a joint account there and the you know what hits the fan. It’s to the point where I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. When it takes months to fix a problem that THEY made and then they’re rude on top of it that’s when it’s time to say adios. So we’ll be going in on Saturday to cancel my personal account and our joint account and I’m hoping they’re not going to be all, “Oh, are you SURE? We’ll offer you this and this and this to get you to stay.” Please don’t. We’ve made up our minds.

On top of this, because I have no income right now we’re only going to open a joint account for the time being. That will be really weird. But it makes sense, why have a personal account when I have no money? We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway. Onto Dustin.

Life With Dustin
Post #3

I don’t have a picture of Dustin for this post but I felt like it needs to be included. This pic is from weheartit.

The first year Dustin and I knew each other was very much like a rollercoaster ride. I liked him a lot and from nearly right away I could see myself wanting to be with him. Dustin… not so much. Some weeks during that first year we were the best of friends and other weeks we didn’t speak. Because we worked together in a place where there was A LOT of drama our situation only intensified.

Around the end of May I lost my baggage. Dustin and I had been hanging out for about a month or so and things were good. And after my baggage was gone we were together A LOT. And I STILL had that crush on him. That was about the only thing that caused drama between us because he kept saying I needed to get over the baggage and wasn’t ready. That drove me nuts!

At this time I had just started at Caribou and was doing opens about 4 days a week, which meant waking up around 3:30 AM. The last open in the row was always the same day Dustin played softball. So I’d wake up at 3:30, go to work, get home around noon or one, hang out with Dustin, go to softball around 6 to watch and have drinks and then stay up till around 3 hanging out with everyone. It was crazy and I can’t believe now that I did that stuff! And all the while, it was always because I got to spend time with Dustin.

July 17th 2005 was a Sunday. I know Dustin was at work and I was in bed early because I had to open the next day. We were texting a little bit and at one point he asked if he could see me the next day because he had something we needed to talk about.

Immediately I got nervous. Krysten fashion is to always expect something bad. So I kept texting him, worried about something was wrong, trying to get it out of him. All this going on while I should have been calming down and falling asleep. Finally, I called him at Perkins. He answered, laughed at me and told me fine, if I couldn’t wait he’d text me because it was a little too busy to chat on the phone.

So we went back to texting and he started telling me about how he liked me, how he was having fun hanging out with me and that he was happy that things had been so good lately. And then through text messages he asked to be his girlfriend.

I know maybe that sounds hokey but honestly, it was the best way for him to ask. Our first week of knowing each other we’d texted like crazy. We had our first fight through text messages. For a long time texts had played a big part in our relationship. So for us it was fitting that he would ask me that over a text. And we’ve been together ever since.



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    I am so loving following your story with Dustin. :) You guys are adorable.

    Haha the first time M told me he loved me was via instant message. Sometimes those types of communication work out. :)

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    I'm fully enjoying your stories about Dustin.

    I'm learning that you and I think a lot alike… maybe it's just a girl thing… ?

    Keep 'em coming lady!

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    I like learning about your story with Dustin, sounds like a sweet story from the very start! I had a bit of baggage myself with my met my Big Kiddo, but now all is well. Hope the new bank account works out well! :)

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    Thanks so much for ur comment =)
    It made my day =) reading all this nice things =) I try to keep my best with my blog =)
    I hope u visit me again =)

    Tzoules K.

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    I'm kinda hatin on you right now because every post I read makes me think my husband is more of an asshole. *sads* 😉 So the next time he's like, "why aren't we having sex" I'll be like, "it's krysten's fault" and he'll be like WTF?! It'll be grand. I can see this happening soon.

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    I'm sorry I couldn't read anything after LOST! It's so awesome! I'm posting all my theories about it soon – forget those who haven't seen it! (Well, I am waiting a few days!) Just kidding about reading – you and yours hubs sound cutes!

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    My husband's name is Dustin :-) yay!

    Thanks for visiting my blog… you should post some photos from your results "arts and crafts" I was unable to search for the other styles. It only showed my own decor style. Have a great night!

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    Grrr…banking makes me cranky. Fortunately, we've never had problems with Wells Fargo, but they only hold our mortgage, so maybe that's the key. Good luck with the new place!

    It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear stories about people communicating major feelings via technology. Neal was stationed in Iraq when I first "met" him…so a LOT of our "conversations" went like that. Lots of emails…some IM's. And to think, it will all change drastically by the time the next generation rolls around!

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    haha, we had a month-long argument about who would switch to the other's bank after getting married! we came up with the weirdest reasons for bank loyalty… i hope it all goes smoothly for you!

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