Life With Dustin #12

Well, first and foremost let me just say that I am MUCHO excited for this weekend. We actually have a decently full one and I’ll be getting out of the apartment which is MAJORLY exciting for me. On Saturday Dustin and I are heading to the MOA (that’s Mall of America) to buy some clothes for vacation. We both need more warm weather stuff.

And Saturday night we’re going to Taryn’s to celebrate their Mom’s 50th birthday. I never got to meet my mother in law, who died from melanoma before I was ever in the picture. That makes me more sad than I can say because from what I can tell she sounds like a cool woman and I think (hope!) she would have liked me. So we’ll be celebrating in style, drinking and having a good time.

On Sunday Dustin and I are making breakfast together which I am SO excited for. We rarely do much more than cereal or toast so big breakfasts are something to look forward to. THEN we are going to build a fort in our living room (no I’m so NOT kidding) and watching movies all day. Yay!

Also, Kallay gave me an award! Thanks lady, you totally rock!

Kallay seems to think I’m totally glamorous! Which is good, I’m so glad SOMEONE thinks so, hehe. I try my very best!

I’m going to send this award off to one lucky person because I still need to talk up my hubby! This award is going to someone that I think is totally sweet and cute. Not only does she have a totally fab personality but I also adore her style. Her blog is oh so fun AND she lives in one of my favorite cities. So, without further ado, this award goes to Meghan over at The Perfect Compilation Tape. Congrats lady!

And now…

Life With Dustin
Post #12

Every Halloween our friends Steph and Justin throw an AWESOME Halloween party. I met Steph the first Halloween that Dustin and I were dating. In fact, she is Dustin’s ex’s older sister. Weird, huh? Steph is a totally awesome girl AND she did my hair for my wedding.

Anyway, we love going to Steph and Justin’s for Halloween. They always decorate their place like crazy.

The Halloween after we got married was just like every other. We dressed up (both of us as hippies) and drove to the party with Dustin’s cousin Shawn and his (then) fiancee Julia (AKA Ricky Bobby and his super hot wife).

This entry doesn’t have much of a story behind it. Lots of drinks were had, games of P&A (presidents and assholes) were played, beer pong was played and tons of pictures were taken. And the best part? My husbands costume. Now, we both dressed like hippies but Dustin is the one that majorly played the part. And for this I love him, for his ability to goof off and have a truly good time.



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    Girl, you just MADE MY DAY! Seriously, this morning has been the pits and I really appreciate the award! Right back at ya! (Side note: TWD looks amazing!)

    And, we have something else in common, too. I never met my mother-in-law. She passed away from cancer before I was in the picture, but I like to "talk" to her and I always hope she would have liked me too:)

    I hope you and the hubs have an amazing weekend! Hearts!

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    aww, how sweet that you guys are celebrating her birthday! i bet she would have loved you! how could anyone not?? hope you have a fantastic weekend lovely! it sure sounds like you will!

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    I stumbled across your blog and I just had to say that it looks like you and Dustin are super happy and that's what a mom wants most for her kids! So of course his mom is sitting on her cloud loving you to bits!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. says

    He's such a goof! I just love Halloween. :)
    Ummm making a fort sounds like just about the best Valentines ever!! Will it be made of pillows? That used to be one of my favorite things to do!

    I have also always wanted to go to Mall of America so I will live vicariously through you. Doesn't it have a roller coaster in it? And if so, have you ridden it and is it fun?

    Have a great weekend!! xo

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    Making breakfast sounds like so much fun, good for you sweetie! I always love your story, nice pic to go with this one! 😛 Have a fantastic V-Day weekend with the hubs.

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    I love Halloween. It's my second favourite holiday after Christmas. And my bf and I are planning Valentine's brunch (well, mostly just I am, he will eat it).

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    Congrats on your award you deserve it. Also I'm so jealous the mall of america? Heaven it would take me forever and a day to get through that thing. Have a wonderful weekend.

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