Fabulous Weekend

Oh my gosh. I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend because I definitely did!

We did end up going to the MOA on Saturday and we did GOOD! We stopped at Ragstock where we spent less than $40 on two pairs of capris for me, two pairs of cargo shorts for Dustin, a polo shirt for Dustin AND a cute dress for me. Ragstock rocks. A lot. Then we stopped in my favorite store, The Afternoon, because I love looking at all the cute stuff in there. And Old Navy where Dustin ended up with some more warm weather shirts and I bought two t-shirts. We would have stayed longer but the mall was ridiculously packed. I get SO frustrated when malls are like that, especially one as big as the MOA. I get fairly claustrophobic around big crowds and these crowds were bad.

Here’s a question: what is with preteen and teen girls not saying excuse me? Why can’t people watch their children and instead let them run all over the place? And why do those darn cart vendor people have to be SO DARN ANNOYING? No, I do not want you to straighten my hair. First off, my hair is ALREADY straightened today and second, I don’t know who else you have used that straightener on. Gross!

After the MOA we wend to BDubs for lunch and then a stop at Target.

Did I mention I was EXHAUSTED? The day before I was up at 5:30 AM because my nose was all stuffy and I couldn’t sleep. The same thing happened Saturday. So we came back home and I relaxed for a bit before we headed over to Taryn’s.

The group was Dustin, me, Taryn, Tim (one of Taryn’s roommates), Shawn and Julia (Dustin’s cousin and his wife) and Lizzie (another roommate), who only stayed for a bit. We had drinks, tried to play drinking games, took HYSTERICAL pictures and laughed at EVERYTHING. Dustin and I stayed till a bit past midnight and by the end there were three decks of playing cards everywhere and a fairly drunk Taryn. It was very good times.

On Sunday Dustin and I made breakfast together, which consisted of puffed pancakes (I got the recipe over at The Rockstar Diaries) with cut up strawberries and bananas, sausage, yogurt, orange juice and Dustin had scrambled eggs too. It was SO good!

We saw three movies throughout the day too.

  • Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was lame. Yeah, it was a hokey chick flick was usually I like hokey chick flicks. This one was just dumb. I could barely concentrate on it. And I was actually happy when it was over. Not to mention that the older I get the more Matthew McConaughey irritates me.
  • The small theater here in RF, which only costs $3 per person and the popcorn is even cheaper, was playing Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. I haven’t read the books but after seeing the movie I totally want to. It was really good! And totally makes me think of Harry Potter. I’d totally recommend it.
  • When we got home we had dinner and watched a movie I’ve seen once before, The Life of David Gale. I took an ethics class back in 2004 and my professor had us watch this movie. I’ve always remembered it and wanted Dustin to see it. It’s SO GOOD. About a man who is on death row for the murder of his friend and colleague. I won’t go too into it but it really makes you think about the ethics of the death pentalty.

Ugh, it was such a good weekend!

This week I want to start getting our packing done for vacation. I’m one of those people that has to at least START packing in advance, especially for a longer trip. I also want to get the apartment cleaned and Monte is in need of a bath.

And this coming weekend is the Jack’s Mannequin concert! Yay!

More soon all!

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  1. says

    Yay! Ragstock DOES rock. Luckily we have one in downtown Duluth but it sucks because I never go. Parking is a bitch and you'll likely get hit up for change by the jobless bum standing in front of a "help wanted" sign. *sigh*.

    I haven't been to MOA in awhile..I should make a trip… :)

  2. says

    I'm jealous and wondering why we don't have Ragstock here. Booooo.

    I'm glad you guys had an amazing weekend though! It sounds great! And honestly, I cannot stand how rude teenagers are today. When I was that age, I had respect for and was even a little bit scared of adults. I'm blaming it on apathetic parenting. Kids have no manners anymore. I sound like an old lady. :)

    I'm going to have to go over and check out that recipe. "Puffed pancakes" just sounds delicious!

  3. says

    Your MOA trip sounds like a dream! I remember when I was there in high school – it was my mecca:)

    Oh, and coming from someone who teaches high school – most teenagers have completely lost their manners:( It's really quite sad!

  4. says

    first of all, i'm congested ALL the time, so i totally feel your pain. it sucks. BIG time.

    secondly, shopping gets me exhausted as well, this is why i eat snacks while i shop. haha.. true story though. it gets me energized AND i'm burning off calories as i walk, so it's a win and win situation. :)

    hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

  5. says

    I actually took a trip to MN once just to go shopping at MOA. We shopped non-stop for three days. It was ridiculous.

    I'm glad you had such a nice weekend.

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