Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

This is a novel about John Tyree, a man who, after high school, can’t think of anything better to do so he enters the army. During leave one summer he meets Savannah after he rescues her back after it has fallen into the ocean. From that point on, they spend the two weeks of his leave together and fall totally in love. When he has to go back to Germany, they vow to call and write until he can be back with her again. As time goes on, though, their relationship becomes strained because of the distance and the danger. However, they manage to stay together. And just as John is about the be done for good, 9/11 happens. John feels he must help his country and so he re-ups and Savannah are kept apart. Despite their vow to still stay together, soon Savannah’s letters are coming less and less and their relationship is now the thing that is most in danger.

I zipped through this book. It started off a little slow for me but yesterday I think I read more than half of it and though I had to go to sleep I made myself stay up for the end. In true Nicholas Sparks fashion, this book is more than just a love story. I won’t ruin the ending although I will say that I sort of saw it coming, having read a few of Nicholas Sparks’ other novels. However, despite that I still loved the story and ended up crying at one point. I wasn’t exactly satisfied at the end but I think it was a truer ending.

I have to say, with most love stories it’s generally narrated by the woman. Dear John was narrated by John and at first I was a little wary. However, I loved the flawed character of John. I would actually love it if another novel was written but from Savannah’s perspective. She changed A LOT throughout the novel and we never really got to see why a lot of those changes came about.

I’d definitely recommend this book and I’m eager to see the movie!



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    I've been thinking about reading this book for a long while now but I'm usually not a fan of the sad stories. Makes me cry. But after this amazing review, I think I might give it a try. THanks for sharing this. Are you a member of GoodReads? If not, you should join! If so, we need to be friends!

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    Someone told me how the book and movies ended and I just don't know. I probably won't read the book but will see the movie. Mostly to gawk openly at Channing Tatum. The fact he was a male stripper is like added bonus. 😉

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    I confess, I'm anxious about seeing the movie. It sounds like it's just a rough story all around and military separation is a tough subject for me. I don't think I could handle watching the struggle. :/ I finally saw Cold Mountain the other day was like "Mrrrgh!" all the way through!

    Stopping by from SITS!

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    i skimmed the last bit of this blog incase the ending is there…

    But i have been looking for a blog that explains what dear john is actually about, i didnt want to go to a book site coz they would ruin it in the first 10 seconds. So thankyou, and im going off to the library to borrow it!

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    thanks for stopping by my blog. i love your blog design (esp the grey and yellow color combo) and your review. i've never guest blogged before, but would love to try my hand at it if you'd have me. i also blog at would love to hear from you. have a great week ahead!

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    I haven't read this but I've ready many many many other Nicholas Sparks books. They kind of run together after a while but all have stories that make me cry. EVERY TIME! The jury's still out on if I'm going to read/see this movie. P.S. No alcohol for a YEAR?! Props to you! Wow.

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    I loved loved loved this book! I thought the ending was so amazing (which I heard they changed in the movie). I haven't seen the movie yet but am looking forward to it.

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