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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. I think it’s probably because I love reading so much. Nonetheless, since I was young I have loved writing. I wrote journals, all I which I still have. I wrote short stories. I used to LOVE writing ghost stories. I made up these ridiculous novels about girls and boys and it was pretty much to get out my angst about never being kissed.

And then I wrote my first novel. That, too, was about a boy and a girl. It was a horrible novel from what I can remember. But I let people read it. And then I wrote another novel. And a third. I did this all while in high school.

I stopped writing when my life started getting important. I had my first boyfriend and my first kiss. I had my first heartbreak. I went away to college and had my first bad roommate. I had friend drama and boy drama. Life was so exciting that I didn’t feel the NEED to write anymore.

When I found out about NaNoWriMo in 2008, I felt this WANT to write again. So I did. I wrote and wrote and wrote and I won NaNoWriMo. But then I stopped. Until NaNoWriMo 2009. And I won AGAIN.

Where is this story going? I want to write. Hell, what I would LOVE is to write and be PUBLISHED somewhere. How do you do that? I really have no idea. I’m writing another novel again, though. And maybe one day I’ll decide that something I write is good enough to show someone. Or maybe I’ll get to the point where I’ll stop caring what other people think and try anyway. Who knows?

More soon.



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    Ahh…the plight of any good blogger. We do all love to write, otherwise we wouldn't be on here. I don't have any savvy advice for you because I know that being a published author is a LOT of hard work and it involves edits and more edits and re-writes, and book tours, and above all, critiques. And I just don't play that. I hate it when people don't like what I've written…not that they disagree with it, but that they just flat out don't like it. It gives me nightmares. So, I'd prefer to write for free and hope that people will read it and enjoy it. But I wish you luck on your writing endeavors and please remember my non-pimped-out little blog when you do Leno.

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    I hope someday you're able to leave behind the worries and put something that you really love out there! How cold are you right now? Ah ha. My hubs is from Duluth and his fam is freezing!

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    Your engagement pics are so pretty! My fiance and I are getting ours done next month :)

    Good luck with the writing. Published or not, if it is something you love to do you should continue to do it. I wish I had the inspiration to even try to write a novel.

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    I can relate to this post so much…except I haven't won NaNoWriMo TWO years in a row! You go, girl! There's a website that I love called Scribble Chicks (scribblechicks.blogspot.com) that gives really, really, REALLY useful writing advice. There are four or five girls, all published writers, so it's worth checking out! It's really useful!

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    Ah! Well son of a buckets… I'm soooo glad you're from here… or this area or… you know, WI/MN. I'm definitely all about a meet up!!

    Keep me posted! :)

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    Ok I have to know this. What is NaNoWriMo? I have NaNo idea. But congrats on the wins! That's awesome!

    I used to write all the time when I was younger too. ESPECIALLY scary stories. I wrote my first and only novel at 9 years old. It was about My Little Ponies. Talk about suck.

    I have no advice to give, but I do wish I lived near so I could come to your blogger GTG!

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    First of all, your photos are BEAUTIFUL!! You two are a gorgeous couple!
    Secondly, I think I'm probably the only person in the world who is not on facebook, but I'm not – it's just too much technology for me :) – but if I were on facebook, I would totally be a fan.
    And third, I greatly support your desire to write! I had a creative writing minor in college and I always felt that was the best way to sort out my thoughts, feelings, questions, everything! I think it's awesome that writing is a passion of yours and clearly one at which you excel! Keep going with it, Ra! Ra! Ra!

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    First, I'm from WI so let me know if something comes up! :)

    And I understand how you feel about writing 100%. I wrote a lot in HS and then gave up as I became more of an adult. I still desperately want to write and would love to make a career out of it. I just need to stop letting everything else get in the way.

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    Thanks for your comment on my wedding blog- oh how I ALSO love to write, and I also LOVE to read and I also… have kept every single journal I wrote since 2nd grade!!
    I think I will have fun reading your posts- I'm following asap. :)

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