Goodbye Conan

Wow. Not once this week have I mentioned Conan O’Brien. I can’t believe all the drama that happened in a very small amount of time. Actually, generally that is the way that drama works. Anyway. In this household, Conan O’Brien is much loved. And from the outpouring of support, it’s obviously that we aren’t the only ones.

I won’t comment on the situation although I can’t even imagine how it’s going to be NOT watching Conan at night. However, I have to post this clip from last night. That Conan O’Brien, all joking aside, is a total class act.

Today, we are getting some laundry done before we head out to a going away party tonight. One of Dustin’s good friends Bret (or Bert, as most of us call him) is moving away. Dustin’s been pretty bummed lately, and although I don’t see Bert a whole lot, I’m sad too. So we’re heading over for the party tonight. I’m trying to decide if that means I’m allowed to drink tonight. Technically, I said no drinking UNLESS it’s vacation or there’s a good reason. I suppose a going away party is a good reason. Lord. You know you drink too much when you say you won’t drink for a year AND THEN try to find a loophole to get around it! Yikes.

Anyway, happy Saturday all! More soon!


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  1. says

    I have to say I never watched the tonight show with conan, but I always liked him. I agree tho, he's one class act. Good on him for not bashing nbc

    also, I said I'd only drink on weekends…unless I want a drink during the week… how sad is that?

  2. says

    I think NBC handled this whole situation very badly. All because the evening news wasn't getting great ratings. Wah wah. I like Jay Leno and Conan equally as much but I really think NBC could have been a little more classy about the situation. They've all but tanked The Tonight Show before Leno even goes back. Talk about bad ratings? Yeah, way to go NBC.

    Anyway! *ahem* sorry! I think a going away party is a splendid reason to drink! Have a blast! 😀

  3. says

    I feel so bad for Conan. I must have been extra emotional last night watching his show because I kept getting choked up.

    Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by today. :)

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    I didn't watch Conan because I'm old and am no longer able to stay up that late! But I've followed the whole unfolding drama and agree that Conan handled himself with class. I hope he moves on to bigger and better things.

    Hope you had fun at the party – and had a least one drink. It was a party!

    Also, stop by my blog…there is an award waiting for you there!

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    I watched his last show twice yesterday. I didn't know how much I actually loved him until then. Hopefully he'll get a new deal with another network soon.

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