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Well first of all, Monte says thanks for all the birthday wishes! He had a fantastic birthday full of sleeping, chasing kittens, chewing his new bone and being absolutely cute. Sounds like a good day to me! I can’t believe he’s now a year old! Oh my gosh, and my kitties will be four years old soon! Sheesh!

I’m slowly starting to figure out school. I want to do a two year degree, I do know that. Which means I will probably be going back to the community college that I’ve taken classes at. I’ll be doing the two year in marketing. The only huge problem is that classes have already started so I have to wait for summer classes. Bleh. Part of me is excited for the following reasons:
  • Working towards a degree means eventually I will be able to get a better job.
  • This school offers quite a bit of online classes, so I can hang out with Monte.
  • I’ll be using my brain (which is feeling mushy right now).
  • I am old enough to be getting lots of financial aid, so I’ll be less worried about money.

Part of me is NOT excited for the following reasons:

  • I am 26 years old, I will be 27 in September. Most of the “kids” at this school are fresh out of high school. Ugh.
  • Unlike the university in this town, which has a book system that is like a library, you have to buy books at this community college. Which can get mighty expensive.
  • If I do have to take classes AT the school I have to deal with the less than stellar parking lot. And I could die.

Well. At least I have a few months to let this sink in, right?

In OTHER news, Salt decided to make her own award and I am one of the recipients. Here it is!

And all I have to do is tag other lady bloggers that I love. Easy peasy lemon squeazy!

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Enjoy ladies and please be sure to use this award to name some of YOUR favorite bloggers!


  1. says

    You totally deserve the GLOB award!! I love your blog! Thanks for passing it on to me among all those other gorgeous ladies! :)

    And yeah, don't worry about being a little older than everyone at school. When I was in college I had people of all ages in my classes and it was never weird or a problem. No one really thought anything of it. You'll just have to be careful the kiddos aren't befriending you for booze. 😉

  2. says

    I'm 27 and just quit my job & am going to school full time. And yeah, in most of my classes, I feel quite a bit older than the rest of the students, but there are DEFINITELY lots of 'older' students back in school these days.

    Besides, it's kinda fun to listen to the 18-year olds gossip about who did what and said what at that party the other night, likeohmygah!

  3. says

    going back to school will be great! You'll probably do better than those kids right out of high school because you'll take it more seriously. I had a lot of nontraditional students in my class in was in his 40s! But I was always jealous because they brought a lot of other experience to the class that helped them do really well. You're going to do AMAZING! I'm so excited you're figuring it out (and jealous because I need to start doing the same!) Love you girl! Have a FABULOUS weekend! xox

  4. says

    What, what, what?! Oh my. I'm all choked up — seriously! And lady, you TOTALLY deserve that amazing award. You are TOTALLY a Gorgeous Lady {with or without blogging!}!!!

    As for school — check Amazon for used text books — I did that all through college and it'd save me literally $300+ a semester. I got my biology book for $0.52 plus shipping. Seriously. And don't worry — you'll be a GREAT student, and 26 is SO not old. Not even a little.

  5. says

    you are DEFINITELY a gorgeous lady of blogging :).

    thanks for including me in your list of faves! you are so sweet!

    and i'm excited for you that you've got a "plan" ironed out. i think school will be great. i really like community college….even though…there will be a lot of younguns there….it'll be ok and you'll do awesome!

  6. says

    THanks for the award! Don't worry about the age or anything like that. I felt the same when I started my Bachelor. I was about 4 years old than everyone else AND married on top of that.

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