Giveaway: Why Girls Are Weird

It seems that EVERYONE is doing giveaways these days and I suppose it’s about time I show you sweet readers a little giveaway love!

The other day I had you all ask me questions and one of those questions was about my all time favorite book which is:

Like I said in my answer, it’s not the world’s best written book or the world’s most thought provoking book. But every time I read it I laugh out loud. And I could be having the world’s worst day and it can cheer me up. PLUS it’s about blogging!

So. I’ve decided it’s about time that one of you lucky readers gets your hands on this book. How can you do that? Why, enter my giveaway, of course! Here’s how:

Entry #1: Comment and tell me why YOU’RE weird.
Entry #2: Follow my blog (no I’m not looking for high numbers, folks, it’s just another way for YOU to win).
Entry #3: Tweet OR blog about this giveaway (and let me know, of course).

There you have it. You can get yourself up to 3 entries. Pretty snazzy, huh?

All entries must be submitted by this Sunday January 17th at 11:59PM central time.
I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 18th.



  1. says

    what a great giveaway! I'd love to read that book.

    1. I'm weird because I keep things in boxes even after I wear them. I just like that special feeling :)

    2. Of course I'm a follower :)

  2. says

    yes!!! giveaways rock and i would LOVE to read this book!! lets see, why i am weird? oh man, don't get me started. let's see. Okay every single morning i have one of two things for breakfast. 2 frozen waffles. of course i toast them, but put nothing on them. i have to do this every morning. if i run out of them, i have a container that i fill full of captain crunch. it is one or the other! :)

    2. i am already a follower! wahoo! i hope i win!

  3. says

    i'm weird because i'm a teenager who's leaving highschool early (in two days! aah!) because I don't like teenagers.
    i'm such a contradiction :)

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog… i'm now a follower!

  4. says

    I am weird because things have to be just so. I get nervous when things aren't quite right. I arrive early for most everything. I must plan things out.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  5. says

    I'm weird because I used to read every single day in high school. I aspired to be as cool as she was. And this world is officially small. I remember when she published that book. I totally had/have a blog crush on this woman. Also, I'm still not joking about the fast food to go cup buttons. I will totally smash them if they're in reach. I don't care if it's not my cup!

    I'm already a follower… So there's THAT! 😀 Woo hoo!

    And tomorrow you shall have a mention in my blog for this giveaway! What a great idea! :)

  6. says

    I love it! Why am I weird… I'm really sensitive. I know that sounds stupid, but I literally cry at everything that hurts- emotionally, physically (though I'm getting better about my scraped knees! :D) Maybe I'm exaggerating a BIT, but you get the point!

  7. says

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! :) And no I am not just following because of this giveaway. :)

    I am weird because.. I cry when listening to music, sometimes when it isn't sad. Just if I'm really into it. :)

  8. says

    Sweet giveaway! Why I'm weird… oh my goodness.. don't even get me started 😉 haha. Okay I'll name one thing… because I don't like winter, but I love snow?

  9. says

    I'm weird because I like egg & cheese sandwiches (apparently everyone else thinks this is disgusting), I think baked beans are disgusting (everyone else likes them!), I have webbed toes on one foot & my tear ducts don't work so I can't cry properly. Weird enough?! & I'm a follower xoxox

  10. says

    1. There are MANY things that make me weird, but I'll pick one: This is the first blog giveaway I've ever entered (that's weird right?!). I think it's awesome that you're doing it!

    2. Been following for months now

    3. It's been blogged now for 7 minutes. (and for good measure, I'm going to tweet it too).

    4. YAY

  11. says

    whoops, I wasn't a 'follower' – i was just feeding with Google Reader, but I follow now (not sure what the difference is, honestly).

  12. says

    Thanks for your comment on the scarf!! I'm excited to get started :)

    Why am I weird… well, when I get stressed I like to organize things. I could spend an hour in our storage closet or moving books around on the bookshelf. I know it's weird… but it makes me feel better anyway :)

    Excited to start following!

  13. says

    I'm a follower! I'm weird because I do weird things all of the time. Like blowing into cups when I get them out of the cupboard, straightening out rugs for no reason, touching light switches for no reason, etc. AND, I'm the PICKIEST eater ever. :)

  14. says

    1. i'm a follower! :)

    2. i'm weird because i make lists for everything. i even make lists of things i have to make lists for. crazy!

    and i will blog about this later to get my 3rd entry! great giveaway!

  15. says

    Oh hai. I'd love to read that. You know I'd follow you to the ends of the earth! (In the least creepy way possible.)

    Let's see. How am I NOT weird? I guess my Blythe doll collection could be considered weird. Also the fact that I sometimes talk to them when I'm home alone. And I make up songs about my cat and sing them to him while I take a shower. I better just stop talking now.

  16. says

    I'm weird because I hate cooked fruit. This means that I hate peach cobbler, apple pie, and fruit pop tarts. I am sure that the flavor is just fine, but the texture of cooked fruit makes me want to hurl! :-p

    krtrumpet [at] aol [dot] com

  17. says

    i'm weird because i have to have all the items on my shelf specifically placed at certain angles. my house can be in shambles all around me… dog fur dust bunnies can abound, but if the things on my shelf are at the proper angles all is right with the world :)

  18. says

    What a great giveaway!

    I'm weird because anywhere but home I find it so hard to go to the bathroom without having the tap running or some other kind of noise distraction.

  19. says

    So how many ways do I need to describe to you that I'm weird? How about that I'm sitting around reading blogs on a Friday night (is that weird or just pathetic, I'm not sure)? Or how about that I have two different ears? Yes, I really do! I'll prove it if you pick me as the winner! So that last one should definitely give me the upper hand in this contest! :)

  20. says

    i'm weird because i don't fit in with a lot of "normal girl" ideals or roles. and i love it that way.
    i'd rather watch football than scrapbook…woh wohh.

  21. says

    Love the title of this book.

    I'm weird because I will move to China without a job and walk the streets at night by myself without a care in the world, but I won't go to the gym on campus because it "seems really far away".

  22. says

    1. I am weird because I sing and dance around my house all the time (when no one's home), imagining I'm in a musical. I still have the imagination of 4-year-old. I cn seriously escape into my own little world and feel like I'm singing for a large audience. And no, I'm not on drugs. That's not just WEIRD though; it's kinda crazy too.

    2. I just became a follower and I absolutely love your blog so far!

    3. I just tweeted about it (and followed you on Twitter)

  23. says

    1. I'm weird b/c I am an obsessive CLEAN FREAK! I adore cleaning, cleaning products and anything that has to do with cleaning! I also love to organize anything and everything :)

    2. Already a follower!

    3. Tweeted! (amandalaura626)

  24. Michelle Clements says

    Hey Krys! I'm weird because I only like mini blue raspberries gummi bears. NOTHING ELSE :)

    I follow your blogs when I can find your links [being honest]

    however I don't twitter or tweet. But I can forward your blog on my photography page :)

    ♥ Lelly

  25. says

    I'm weird because I refuse to write in black pen. If someone makes me sign something and they hand over a black pen, I have to go into my purse for a blue one. It's weird. Love your blog! xo

  26. says

    1. i am weird because im a complete plant geek, and i also love fashion. i will admit though that it's nice to be the most fashionable person in my major ;]

    2. follower!!

    3. tweeted! (yourstrulydear)

  27. says

    oh all the ways in which I am weird… gosh, where to start. well i'm obsessed with efficiency and have been ever since i was little. As an 8 year old, I remember watching the butcher slice meat for my turkey sandwiches on the meat slicer contraption and I thought, "wow that is SO COOL. its so quick and smooth and efficient and awesome!"
    a few other weird things i love: lists, miniature anything and everything, the muppets, peanut butter, and at parties i'd rather dance than drink. woo!

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