Dyeing for Change

Do you all remember Jones Soda? I used to LOVE this stuff. When I worked at Borders (in the cafe, before it turned into Seattle’s Best which, in my humble opinion, doesn’t taste good) I used to drink this stuff ALL THE TIME. So good. I wish we had had room in our wedding budget for this stuff. Because really, how fun would that be?

Dustin and I got all our errands done, had turkey sandwiches and TATER TOTS (I know you’re jealous) and now we’re watching episodes from season four of Lost. Because it’s pretty much the most amazing, messed up show on TV. I’m glad we’re doing it through Netflix rather than watching on TV because I’d be a whole mess of confused if I had to wait a week for each episode. And even then I’m STILL sometimes confused, hehe.

Now, I have something I must confess.

But you have to keep in on the DL because I’m a little vain.

You see, what I was 14 I began dyeing my hair. My mom did it for me the first time, putting highlights in. For awhile that was okay. And then I became obsessed. Throughout the years my hair has been a mess of colors, from nearly blond to black, dark brown and red, pumpkin orange (that was a MAJOR accident) and I went through a phase where I had pink or purple or blue in my hair. But I always dyed my hair because I liked change.

Then, in 2005, right after Dustin and I started dating, I decided to stop dyeing it. I found a color that was close to my natural color (a mousy brown, if I remember right) and let that be that.

It was then that I saw it. About six months after I stopped dyeing my hair, I found a gray hair. I was 22! How on earth could I have a gray hair!?

From then on it was all downhill. I have quite a few these days. And so now, rather than dyeing my hair simply to change it up I dye my hair to cover up those horrid little gray monsters.

How I wish I had told little 14 year old me to chill out on the dye, that soon enough I’d rely on that stuff to stop those little hairs from peeking out.

To those of you that DON’T have gray yet, wear that natural hair color loud and proud!

More soon!

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    welcome to the club, sister! i'm 22 and find grays as well… i chalk it up to stress, but that doesn't make it any easier! i have been actually considering a color change myself for the same reasons. /sigh.

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    I love red jones soda! I use to ALWAYS want my picture to be on the bottle! I always submitted pictures but never got lucky! :)

    I just recently went crazy dying my hair. I love it. Mostly I love the hour and half by myself. I dont think I would ever go back to my real color. I'm a mousey brown too 😉

  3. says

    We have an almost identical hair dying history!! Except pink was the only crazy color I did.
    But seriously… 14, highlights by mom. Same with me.
    I havent dyed mine in awhile, and its slightly two-toned. I MIGHT touch it up but I havent decided yet.
    I'm 21… hopefully no grey hairs this year

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    i haven't had jones sodas in awhile, but they are quite good:D oh man, i feel ya, i'm in my twenties, too, and i've found a few grays:( hehe thanks again for dropping by my blog:D


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    ugh! gray hairs are awful. i literally woke up on my 25th birthday with 3. i was already pretty upset about turning 25, and then add gray hair into the mix. no bueno.

    oh…and i had a friend whose new last name was going to be jones, so they had jones soda's w/ their pictures on them at the wedding. so cute.

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    I've never been a big hair dye fan – it scares me a little! I have highlights done professionally and that's about as far as I dare to go. :)

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    Yikes. I'm 22 but haven't found any gray hairs yet. I only started dyeing my hair 3 years ago and it's ALWAYS been the same color. And I always get it done at a salon with a natural dye. So, who knows, maybe this will save me. Haha.

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    sorry, i left a comment but i was signed into my other google account and so it was weird… (sorry!!). here's my comment haha:

    ive found a few grays too, and im only 22. one time i saw this young girl (maybe 18?) with gorgeous black hair and i asked her if it was natural. and she said "well…yes and no. my hair is naturally this exact black, but i have to dye it because i have so much gray hair." an EIGHTEEN year old!!!

    ps i ♥ jones cream soda

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    nearly all my coworkers have them (my hair is too blonde/too dyed for me to find them … yet). but seriously, we're (nearly) all under 30 and have them. eek!!

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