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Yesterday was so chill. We slept in, watched the movie Monster’s Inc. and then got ourselves ready for the day. Went to Target where I TOTALLY stuck to only what was on my list, dropped off Dustin’s car payment and then bought brake pads for my car.

Oh wait. Did I not write about what happened LAST Saturday?

So remember how I blew a tire right before Christmas? Well, my dad offered to get me a new one as a Christmas present. I was to take the car in, get a new tire put on, and use the oldest tire as a spare. Oh and get my tires rotated. Easy, right?

Well rewind to last Saturday. We take the car to Tires Plus and then ran a few errands; they said it’d be about an hour. So we come back and the guy tells us to come out to the garage with him. He then shows us that my two front tires need to be replaced too as well as fixing the alignment. The alignment was completely off in front, totally wrecking my fairly new front tires. AND he wanted to do a fluid frush.

Well, needless to say I’m seeing zillions of dollar signs flash in front of my eyes. I call dad to tell him what’s up. Well, he was cool about it, paid for it all.

In the middle of this the guy tells me my front brakes should be done too. We ask for a quote and JUST FOR the brakes it’s over $500! WHAT! All the other stuff he did – the 3 new tires, fixing the front alignment and fluid flush were less than that! Definitely not.

Which is why we bought the stuff we needed YESTERDAY for less than $90 and Dustin’s going to do my brakes. $90 sounds WAY better than $500, right? I thought so too.

Right now I’m sitting here with smelly hair dye in my hair, watching some lame Disney movie and Monte’s dead asleep next to me. Dustin went to his friend Bert’s for the football game – Bert’s moving soon so I don’t want to deny Dustin the hang out time. And hopefully tonight we can watch some more Lost; we want to finish season 5 so we can watch season 6 as it happens.

Anyway, I am off to rinse out this hair dye. Don’t forget to enter the Why Girls Are Weird giveaway, it ends TONIGHT!

More soon.



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    ughhh every time I have to take my car in (which… has been a lot lately) I just know the $$ is going to add up. I dream of the day when this car finally dies and I get a new one… well, it won't be "new" but a pre-owned with a warranty, so for a certain # of miles I never have to worry about what it'll cost to take it in :) keep dreaming, right?? one day :0

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    Ugh, I hate when that happens. You go in for a simple oil change and then find out you have over $1000 in work that needs to be done in your car TODAY OR ELSE YOUR CAR WILL STOP RUNNING AND YOU'LL BE SOL! Blegh.

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    Thanks so much for the comment! I'm very pumped for more Bachelor craziness tomorrow night as well!

    And I can't believe you went to Target and didn't stray from your shopping list. I always thought that was impossible, but you give me hope! :)

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    This reminds me of that country song about the guy taking his car into the repair shop and the mechanic telling him it's going to cost like thousands of dollars. I used to make the men in my family take my car to the mechanic because I was pretty sure they could see Naive Ally coming from 20 miles away. But really, it doesn't matter what your gender is anymore. Mechanics have the market on screwing people. It's so wrong. I hope Dustin knows what he's doing – that whole braking thing is pretty important. You'd hate to find out that they didn't work at a high rate of speed. Of course, the mechanics don't always get it right, either.
    Happy weekend!

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    Oh blast, don't get me started. My poor Jorge (blue VW bug) went in for routine tune-ups, and came out with a $1200 hospital bill.

    I honestly debated whether I wanted him or not at that point. HAHA.

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