Burning Bridges

Yesterday night, Dustin and I watched Heroes. It’s one of our favorite shows. It’s one of those shows that keeps you wanting MORE MORE MORE any ANYTHING can happen.

One of the characters in Noah Bennett. Noah… is one of the only people on the show that doesn’t have a special power. But the man is still AWESOME. In fact, he’s one of Dustin’s favorite people on the show (mine are Claire, Noah’s daughter, Peter, Claire’s uncle, and Hiro).

Anyway. Yesterday bridges were mentioned. Basically, Noah Bennett has been burning a lot of them.

And that got me to thinking. I am a bridge burner.

I never meant to be. I mean, yeah, I’m a heated, passionate person and that sometimes gets me into trouble. But I’m also generally quick to apologize and quick to forgive. However, somewhere along the line I became someone that burns bridges.

I’m not sure when it started exactly. And sometimes those bridges were meant to be burned. I won’t say which bridges exactly but trust me, I’m better off without someone of them.

Sometimes, though, I find myself mourning over certain bridges. I find myself missing the old days. I find myself wondering, “If I HADN’T burned those bridges would things be very different right now? And would they be better?”

I know it’s not a good thing to wonder what if. I know things are supposed to happen for a reason. But. I can’t help but wonder sometimes. And I can’t help but miss one of two of those bridges.

Or rather, the people at the other end of those bridges.



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    i'm like you…but i know that most of the bridges that i have burned i have learned were necessary. a person can apologize only so much and try their hardest until they hit a breaking point.

    the ones that weren't meant to be burned {due to miss-communication, misunderstandings, etc.} are out of our control.

    if the person is someone who truly has a passion for your friendship will already know that you apologize and forgive easily.

    love your blog :)

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    I'm a new 20SB member and stumbled across your blog while looking for fun new blogs to add… I DEFINITELY relate to this post. I've got a couple of bridges that I really, really wish I could still walk across… thought-provoking post!

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    i totally know what you mean (plus i used to watch heroes too ..hehe) but i am the same..i get super upset..but i am quick to forgive. sometimes i regret the way things went down, but know i wouldn't be where i am right now had they gone any differently!

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    Hi Sarah. I did it… oh, a few months ago, something like that. I found Rainy Day Templates and fell in love with this one.

    And Katie, thank you so much! Such sweet comments, you're making me blush.

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    It's never too late to get back in touch with people that you think might be gone forever. If it was a strong relationship before, you'd be surprised at how receptive people can be. I did that at the end of last year and made some amends and things are much better for it.

    Then there are those other ones that I'm glad are gone.

    I guess I'm somewhat of a bridge burner myself.

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    I have those days too. When I wonder what if or have coulda woulda shoulda moments. They pass. But sometimes it's good to look back to remember why you burned the bridge in the first place. Or, if it's someone you want to get back in touch with, it can't hurt to say hello again!

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    I like this post. I agree with you and I often think about old days and how things could have been as well. I think you have the right attitude about this all.

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    Beautifully written post!

    Hmm, there are definitely some bridges that I regret burning. Which I can never get back. Sometimes I still think what it would be like if I could still cross those bridges:)

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    i think many of us think about this topic from time to time. for myself, i try not to burn bridges, but like you, there are some i have and know i'm better without. and some leave me wondering if i were too quick to judge and react, and perhaps lost something valuable. however, my belief that everyting happens for a reason is what i end up returning to whenever i mourn those bridges, because in some way, that loss is going to bring me to something new and positive and amazing in my life (i hope!)

    have a wonderful wednesday, lovely, and great post!

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    I don't really burn bridges, but I (continuing the metaphor) sometimes let them decay from lack of attention. Termites wreak devastation don't you know. But as weak at the metaphor WAS on Heroes, the response was nonetheless a good one. The thing about such bridges is that they can and should be rebuilt. I've been trying to be better about catching up with old friends for the past couple of months.

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    I'm a bridge burner too… In the moment I find myself thinking "I'm fine. I don't need this. I can do it all on my own." And then, when all is said and done, I'm left thinking "Wait… come back!" That's what I get for being a prideful bitch! Ahhhh the things I would change about myself if I could just stop for 2 seconds and really think about my actions!

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    I've become someone who burns bridges too. Like yours, they were necessary to burn, but it still makes me sad. I think that's completely normal though. Otherwise we'd be heartless. I have to remind myself of why I burned the bridge when I start missing those people, and then I feel better. Life is too short to keep letting people hurt you, so sometimes you just have to let them go.

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