2010 Resolutions

Okay. Seriously. I’m making some 2010 Resolutions. And I’m going to stick to them. I swear it.

I am not going to do the same ol’ “gotta lose some weight” resolutions. Only because I say that EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. and it never happens.

So here are some resolutions that I plan on following. I hope. Maybe.

  • Stop swearing. I honestly feel dumb because I swear so much. I don’t know when I started swearing so much but it makes me cringe. I already told myself no swearing on this blog and I think I do a pretty good job. Now I just have to stop letting those bad words come out of my mouth!
  • Make new friends. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve lost quite a few friends in the past few years for various reasons. I miss having close friends, especially girl friends. So I’m going to try to meet new people and maybe start some new relationships.
  • Learn to knit. Technically, I know how to knit. But I want to learn to do something other than a never ending scarf. I want to get into it and really learn how to make other things!
  • Take more pictures. I envy people that are picture taking fanatics. I want to take pictures wherever I go. So this year will be the year of pictures.

I think that’s it for now. But I think those are four really good resolutions. And I really, really want to stick to them. We shall see.



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    this is totally doable! I have faith in you! I can never make mine either though :( I wanted to learn how to surf and play the guitar this year..didn't happen!

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    I've love to make new friends and learn how to knit something other than a boring, long scarf too. :)

    I used to cuss like a sailor until I broke the habit by the rubber band on the wrist trick.. the snapping really worked for me!

    Good luck with your goals!

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    i just started knitting too! i can't wait to see the *pictures* of your new *knitting projects*! idea: join a knitting group? there are tons of them! (for people under 900 years old! i swear!) they're like book clubs now. ta da! new friends! as for the swearing… i don't know. i have a potty mouth too. if you figure that out, will you let me know?

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I looked through your wedding blog and I have to say, you were gorgeous on your special day. Hope to see you around!

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    So, I swear too… and I've just learned to accept it. Good for you though, if you don't like it, change it! I don't think I could stop… I do it without thinking about it.

    I also knit; hats are super fun.. when I first took the class to learn, we made felted bags (like a tote bag). Felted just means you use a certain type a yarn that shrinks and almost looks like felt after you wash it. If you check out my facebook, the 'randoms from winter 2008' album, you can see my bags and the red hat I knit. On my blog, click the 'crafts' label and see the green hat with pockets I knitted. I'd love to help you get started, so let me know if you'd be interested in something along those lines?!

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    Stop swearing is a good goal to have! In my early 20's I wrote in a different blog, and when I look back and read it I can't believe how much I swore. I sounded unintelligent and I get really embarassed when I read it. I don't swear much anymore and I like it, it makes me feel good about myself.

    Good luck with all your goals! You CAN DO IT!

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    Those ar good!! I try to stick to 'no jumping off bridges' I feel that way I can always say I followed through on my resolution…

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!! {sorry it's taken me so long:) }

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