Holy man. I’m exhausted.

This is how my last 24 hours went.

  • Fell asleep around 6PM last night (no, I’m not kidding. When I have to open I seriously go to sleep that early. Thank you Tylenol PM).
  • Woke up pretty much once an hour every hour until around 2:45 AM (again, not kidding. I have this fear that I am going to oversleep and so my body never quite totally goes to sleep).
  • Got up and ready for work and was out the door around 3:40 AM.
  • Got the store ready to go between 4AM and 4:30AM.
  • At 4:30AM opened the store for business.
  • Had our first mini rush around 4:45AM.
  • Got stuck on bar with a line out the door from around 5:30AM to… well, to the time I left. I was officially off bar at a little after 10 but then stuck around to stock, take out trash, to a TSV (Total Store Vision: that means to clean the dining area, restock mixing stations, sweep if needed, check bathrooms, etc.).
  • During the time I was one bar I sometimes wondered if I was going insane. We had BOGO mochas and hot chocolates – which meant pretty much ANY drink with chocolate, any size, any kind. It was insane. Thank God we had a good team.
  • Once I was done on the floor I ran the deposit to the bank for Danielle (which honestly was better than sticking around in the store although I have to say that people were not being good drivers today).
  • Finally left around 11.

That was life having to do with work. I then came home and from then on I’ve kind of felt zombie like. At some point we put the tree up and decorated. I found out that my snowglobe was leaking, probably because we store our Christmas stuff in the garage and it must have frozen and broke. Not fun. We then watched most of Sleepless in Seattle and all of ELF. And now here I sit. Wondering if 7PM is really too early to call it a day.

On top of all that, I also have big news.

As of today I have officially won NaNoWriMo for the second time in a row. Today I made it to 51810 words. My brain is totally fried but I am SO proud of myself. I still have a ways to go as far as the novel is concerned ON TOP of editing. But still. 50,000+ words is a lot. And I’m happy with that.

Anyway, I am off to relax and most likely fall asleep early.

More soon!



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    Black Friday should be considered a working holiday where you get paid time and a half! I would almost rather work on a holiday than start work that early and have it be SO demanding the whole time. Yikes!

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    Yikes, what a day!! I rarely go out on Black Friday at all just because it's so nutty, but this year we were out and… ARGH! Kudos to y'all that are working it so well behind the scenes!! :)

    AND YAY NaNoWriMo goals achieved!!!

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    sounds like you had a crazy day. Hope you've been able to relax over the weekend.

    Congrats on winning nano, too. I passed 50K this morning (my first time!), doesn't it feel good to get there?!


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