Where do the days go?

Wow. Hi!

It feels like forever since I’ve been here! Which it pretty much has been.

Between work and NaNoWriMo I’ve been pretty insanely busy. I even stopped updating my daily word count for NaNo and finally ended up just displaying my month chart instead. It’s going so well! I’m up to 39,000 words as of today which is an AMAZING feeling. I have no doubt that with only 11,000 words to go I’ll be able to win NaNo this year, my second year in a row!

Work has been utterly insane. First there was holiday setup, which ended up not going at perfectly as we’d hoped but ended up being okay. Then there are the new chocolates. For those that don’t know, Caribou has started using new Guittard chocolate. It tastes SO good but has taken a major getting used to for us baristas. Anything that involves chocolate in it has changed and pretty much everything we were told to do on bar is now BACKWARDS (as far as chocolate drinks are concerned). So it’s been a little hard and sometimes when we’re busy it feels like it slows us down. But the drinks do taste amazing. And it’s good that business seems to be good. I feel busy at work. And that’s a good thing in this economy!

Next week is Thanksgiving but I keep forgetting that. I work at 4AM on Black Friday so I’ll probably be in bed pretty early Thanksgiving evening. It’s weird how being married changes so much. I used to fight tooth and nail to be able to not work both Thanksgiving and Christmas so that I could be in Illinois with my family for the holidays. Now I have a BIGGER family and, lucky for me, part of that family is HERE so I can pitch in my share at work. It actually makes things EASIER on me but sometimes I miss the old days of seeing my family for both of those big holidays.

AND. I saw New Moon last night. I wasn’t supposed to go till Sunday when I go with Morgan and Linsday but I couldn’t wait so Dustin and I went last night. It was AMAZING. I felt like it followed the book much more closely than Twilight did, the special effects were better, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the wolves… it was just awesome. I’m generally never impressed with movies that are made from books but I was definitely very impressed with New Moon AND this makes me super excited for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Oh, and Taylor Lautner is HOT. He’s also 9 years younger than me. But YUM.

Can anyone else believe that it’s nearly December? When did that happen? Last year Dustin and I had our tree up by this point we were so impatient. This year I’m having a hard time believe that the holidays are literally RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. So weird. Does time really speed up that much the older you get?

Anyway. I finally finished rereading Breaking Dawn which means that I’m ready for Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.

More soon!


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