Time Flies

How on earth is it the week of Thanksgiving??? When did that HAPPEN? Last I checked I was getting married LAST YEAR and now suddenly it’s Thanksgiving 2009 and I’ve been married for OVER A YEAR. What the heck.

I’ve been busily trying to get all my Christmas shopping done. These are the people I’ve got to shop for:

Mom and Dad
Aunt Robyn and Uncle Bill
Aunt Gayle
MONTE (well of course)
As well as all the other dogs in the family

The people in bold are people I am finished shopping for. The ones in italics are the people I’ve partially bought for. Which leaves 3 people PLUS the dogs that I still need gifts for. Dustin is working on his side of the family. So hopefully we’ll be all done SOON.

AND I just told Dustin what I want, hehe. I’ll give ya a little picture highlight:

This darling necklace from a seller on Etsy

I’ve been wanting this print FOREVER

Cute PJs from Vickie’s

And more. Eek. Christmas. I’m most excited to give Dustin his present because I know he’s going to LOVE it. Oh and we bought Monte a Twins jersey, hehe. SO CUTE! Can’t wait to see him wear it!!

I have today, tomorrow and Thursday off. We’re going to Taryn’s (my sister in law) for Thanksgiving and then I have to go to bed EARLY because I work at 4AM on Black Friday. THEN putting up the Christmas tree and working all weekend.

Now if it could just SNOW so I could get into the Christmas spirit that’d be dandy!

More soon!



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    Great necklace! You've been married for just over a year. Congratulations. I've been married longer than you have been alive (I think). It is work. We still are looking and having firsts like we did that first year of marriage. Best Wishes and have fun on your three days off.

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