Okay, so first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to the newest married couple!

Our friends Morgan and David got married this past weekend here in River Falls. It was a GORGEOUS day, they lucked out with perfect weather. The wedding was lots of fun AND I got to meet new people which was pretty cool too.

Dustin was a groomsman in the wedding and I must say, my husband cleans up very well. I had to take him to work that morning just so I could show him off to my coworkers, lol. It was odd not really having him as my date since he was off running around doing groomsman-y things. But whatever.

Some pics from the day:

Dustin looking pretty snazzy in my sunglasses

Me with my fellow “wedding widows” Jessica and Lindsay

The hubs and me at the reception

Me with the very happy groom

The bride with her sister (on the left) and Steph (on the right)

Again, congrats you guys!!

So after all that fun, I work the next few weekends. And then September gets a little crazy:

September 12th: Celebrate my 26th birthday
If the weather’s nice, we’ll be going to the Renaissance Festival and then drinking downtown.

September 18th: Shawn and Julia tie the knot
Which means we have the rehearsal and dinner the night before also.

September 27th: Our 1 year anniversary
We’ll be heading up to Duluth on the 25th to spend the weekend and celebrate.

I honestly cannot believe that summer is pretty near over. Where did it go? I guess for me, the weather played a big part in me not even realizing that summer was going by. I mean, we really didn’t have our air conditioning on that often. And I’m really not complaining – I’ve enjoyed the 70’s! But I am SO looking forward to fall, my favorite time of year!

Work has been.. interesting. 4 of our team members are leaving for college (or have already left) so we’re taking on some new people. And one of those people… just rubs me the wrong way. He’s a transfer from another store and I swear, if I hear, “My store doesn’t do it that way” one more time I’m going to throw hot coffee all over him. And then I’ll laugh. However, the other two newbies seems pretty awesome. So. We’ll see.

Otherwise… that’s life right now. I’m super looking forward to crazy September. AND FALL! Yay! I’ll be changing my layout pretty soon here so look for it.

More soon!


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