Monte and Finales!

Well, Monte went in for another check up yesterday. He got his nails clipped (hated it), ears cleaned out (really hated it) and teeth brushed (loved it). It was more for my benefit than his, so that I could see how to do all that.
He also got two shots, which he wasn’t happy about.

But, this means that he is good to go and doesn’t need to see the vet again until February! Yay! And in the meantime we need to work on our control with him and getting him to not be so crazy. Definitely easier said than done! At this moment he is running through the apartment like a crazy dog! Ah well, he’s so cute, who’d want to stop him!?

Do I really want to blog about all the TV shows last night? Okay, I suppose! Don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers!

Gossip Girl definitely had a great finale. The entire episode I kept thinking, “Are they seriously going to reveal who Gossip Girl is!? Wouldn’t that end the show?” I think they ended it in a good way – having all the seniors in the same room and Gossip Girl telling them that they’re ALL Gossip Girl. Oh, and that she’s following them to college, lol. AND I have to say I am SO HAPPY that Blair and Chuck are FINALLY happy! It was a little cheesy but totally awesome anyway!

While One Tree Hill is going on for a 7th season last night really felt like the series finale. I’m glad they didn’t wait till the end of the show to say if Peyton lives or dies. But really… everything got wrapped up. As much as I love OTH I keep thinking, “Why go on for another season?” I guess we all need to know what becomes of Dan. But otherwise, really?

And of course, The Bachelorette. I was a fan of Jillian right from the start last season and was S PSYCHED when they made her The Bachelorette. I always hate the first episode because I can never keep anyone straight, especially considering they added 5 extra guys! All I know is that I still love Jillian, the season looks like it’s going to be AWESOME and the foot fetish guy NEEDS TO GO! Need I say more?

This weekend we’re having a Harry Potter marathon with Taryn in honor of the 6th movie coming out. SO EXCITED! Otherwise, it’s a very laid back week!

More soon!


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