I'm a dog person

I picked dog person but let me explain why.

In my household we currently have two cats (Metro and Molly) and a dog (Monte). However, I still hold true to being a dog person.

Growing up, we had a dog, Brandy (who was a beagle). And on my dad’s side of the family, which is the family I spend a lot of time with, there have been MANY dogs. And so my entire childhood and into adulthood was spent around dogs.

A few months after Dustin and I moved in together we wanted a pet. We couldn’t have dogs in the apartment we lived in. So we decided upon a guinea pig. Not a good decision. Guinea pigs are boring, noisy and messy. And so a few months after that we decided to get a cat. We went to a Humane Society adoption day and came home and a DSH tuxedo male kitten who we named Metro (Metrosexual).

A year later a friend of mine was trying to find a home for her cat, who was nearly a year old. She and her boyfriend got the cat together but the boyfriend didn’t want her anymore and the girl lived in a place that didn’t allow cats. The girl contacted me and we decided to take on another cat named Molly.

HOWEVER. Although we have two cats and we LOVE our cats we really always wanted a dog. Which is how Monte came into our life about a month ago. And I now remember the joy of having a dog in the house, how wonderful it is to have them cuddle with you and be SO excited when you come home. Ugh! As great as cats are…

There is nothing better than a dog.


  1. says

    Dogs are the best… cats are nice, but dogs are much more loyal… and not stuck up lol

    and i LOVE your layout!!!!

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