First Kiss

So I was browsing the 20SB blog carnival and came upon first kisses. I love first kiss stories! Partially because before I ever got my first kiss I loved reading books in which the characters had their first kiss. I always thought, “When I finally get kissed, I hope it’s like in a book.” I’d heard stories about people’s lame first kisses and I wanted something special and sweet. Something I could look back on and think, “Yeah, I got my novel first kiss.”

And I did.

When I entered 10th grade I told myself, “This is going to be the year I get my first kiss. I know it!” I wanted that so bad – I honestly felt like a runt because I hadn’t been kissed yet. I had boys I liked and flirted with and at the time I had a mad crush on a boy I still have never met (that’s another story). I always seemed to go for guys that lived too far away.

Well, I didn’t get my actual first kiss until I was 17, nearly 18. It was the July before my senior year was to start and I had this CRAZY crush on this boy that lived a few hours away. We’d met at a program called YIG and when I first met him my sophomore year of HS I didn’t like him at all. He was a jock and I figured that he was just playing around with me, trying to poke fun at me. At the time, I was a shy girl who thought that most guys were jerks. Actually, most guys are jerks. Hmm.

ANYWAY. Back to July 2001. At this point I’d realized this guy wasn’t a jerk and despite being a jock he was also very smart, very sweet and… oh yeah, he lived far enough away that we didn’t really see each other. But we talked on the phone and online whenever we could. And he’d visited me ONCE. And oh, how I wished that the kiss had happened then.

And then… he was coming to visit AGAIN. And I was SO NERVOUS! Oh my goodness, I remember how nervous I was! It wasn’t even so much that I thought anything would happen, I just wasn’t used to hanging around boys, especially boys I liked. At this point most of my friends were girls.

Anyway. So this boy came to visit. And we chatted. And joked. And I tried my very best not to seem nervous. And you know how I wished that my first kiss would be like one out of a book? Well. It was. We sat next to each other after all that joking. And one minute we were talking about… something. And the next we were kissing. He tasted like bubblegum – I still sometimes think of that when I chew a piece of bubblegum flavored gum.

And it was so freaking sweet that I still wonder how that happened to me. Maybe it’s because I waited that long, because I wanted a good first kiss. But I tell ya. Even though we broke up a few months later, I always look back and I’m happy it happened at that time and it was with that boy. And when someone asks me, “So, what was your first kiss like?” I can tell this story. And hell… maybe one day when I’m a famous novelist (I wish!) I’ll write that kiss into one of my stories. I mean… I do have first hand experience.

Okay. Of for the Harry Potter marathon. Until then… maybe you readers should blog about YOUR first kisses!

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