Oh man, what a weekend!

Opening at Caribou is never fun for me. Being that I feel that I MUST get 8 hours of sleep I go to bed around 7PM. How do I do that? Tylenol PM. I know, right? So Friday night I got off work at 5, came home to eat dinner and then went to bed. I always toss and turn when I have to go to sleep that early and finally around 2:30 AM I gave up and got up. The shift itself wasn’t bad and it went by fast, which was nice.

Saturday afternoon D and I went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then went to see Adeventureland. I think the only real reason I wanted to see it is because Kristen Stewart is in it. Turned out to be a pretty funny movie and a really cute ending. I liked it and would totally recommend it as a date movie. Dustin thought it was going to be funnier but I think he liked it too. We spent the whole movie giggling like children and it was really cute. Happiness!

Yesterday we had one of our “movie days” which pretty much means we sit on our butts all day watching movies. Yesterday it was Hancock, 7 Pounds and The Prestige. We almost had a Will Smith thing going on, I know. Both Hancock and 7 Pounds didn’t end up being as good as I thought they would be. I was almost bored during most of 7 Pounds. I’ve seen The Prestige before although the first time around I wasn’t really paying attention. This time around I really liked it! Plus, Hugh Jackman is in it so can I really complain? Nope!

Also, I added a few more blogs to the blog section of THIS blog (how many times can I say blog in on sentence). They’re just sites I like to look at and thought I’d share!

I’ve got a long, boring week this week. Joy. Hopefully something fun will happen soon!

More soon!

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