100 Posts – Meet Monte!

Well, this is the 100th post of my blog and what an awesome post it’s going to be!

The other day Dustin and I planned on having lunch and then going to see a movie. We were STARVING so we left for lunch around 1 even though the movie didn’t start till 4:15. So after lunch we had time to kill and decided to do one of our favorite things: look at puppies.

After we left I couldn’t stop thinking about one puppy in particular, a toy poodle. I know I’ve said I want a cavalier king charles but this little poodle was so darn cute. We drove around for a bit and I kept saying, “Dustin, I really want a puppy.” At first he thought I was kidding and I just kept saying, “No, seriously I do!”

By 5:30 that evening we’d adopted a 6 pound 3 month old toy poodle who is pretty much the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

Meet Montego everyone, Monte for short. I told you you’d love him! After discussing names like Midget, Monkey and Marley (M’s because both our cats have M names, Metro and Molly) we decided on Montego, naming him after Montego Bay in Jamaica (which is one of the ports we stopped at on our honeymoon). Because he’s such a little guy we know that he’ll have a hard time living up to Montego which is why Monte works perfect!

I’m so surprised by how wonderful he is. He’s not super crazy, he loves to cuddle and play outside. He doesn’t really bark although he does whine when he doesn’t get his way.

The cats are SUPER angry which is to be expected. Metro pretty much stays under the bed at all times… then again, that’s how he is anyway! Molly is a little interested but she still hisses and growls at him. I figure it’ll just take time.

Anyway… I’m uber sleepy and want to cuddle with my baby! More soon!

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